Best Tourist Attractions in Canada to Visit this Summer

7 Destinations For a Fun and Relaxing Summer

With summer right around the corner, you’re probably spoiled for choice with many beautiful sights and exciting destinations around Canada. From lively cities to scenic landscapes, here are our recommended spots for travellers this summer.

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

A trip to explore the vineyard in Okanagan, photo by Kym Ellis
A trip to explore the vineyard in Okanagan, photo by Kym Ellis

The charming sceneries made Okanagan Valley an ideal spot for sightseeing and other physical activities such as boating, cycling, skydiving and gliding. Come to the Valley to relax and recharge along the warm, crystal clear beaches and leave the stressful days behind. As a top wine-producing region, Okanagan also offers various wine tasting trips among its fresh, green vineyards.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Photo by Mathijs Deerenberg
Photo by Mathijs Deerenberg

Escape the busy cities with the luscious landscape in Vancouver Island. Through the hiking trips, you can immerse yourself in the ancient forest and breathtaking shores of this natural wonderland. For a sense of tranquility, many families come here each year to organize camping trips, where they can enjoy the magnificent view. Vancouver Island also offers seemingly endless beaches. They make great spots for surfing and more exciting water sports.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

A romantic view of sunrise in Niagara Falls, photo by Sergey Pesterev

This iconic natural wonder in Canada is only about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from downtown Toronto. A trip to Niagara Falls is the perfect weekend getaway for many. The epic and dreamlike falls offer a view like no others. For the fullest experience, check out the boat tour that can bring you up close to the three waterfalls. Submerge your senses in the thundering growl and cool mist of Niagara Falls and watch gorgeous rainbows illuminating the blue sky above.

Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario

A must-see Canadian museum for education and exploration.

The amazing architecture of Royal Ontario Museum at night. Editorial credit: /

To change the mood, take a look at an exhibition at Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), together with its spectacular architecture in Toronto. It is the pride of Torontonians, housing over 13 million pieces of art and cultural and historical objects. The ROM contains a huge collection of Chinese artifacts and the world’s biggest collection of fossils, with impressive dinosaur skeletons.

Bay of Fundy, between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Bay of Fundy is one of North America’s seven natural wonder, photo by Peter Lloyd

It may not be an exaggeration to say Bay of Fundy is a gift from Mother Nature. Your summer holiday here can start with the breathtaking scenery of the cliffs, fossils, and tides that soar high above any other place on Earth. Other ways to enjoy Bay of Fundy’s stunning landscape include kayaking and tidal rafting along the sculpted coastline, whale-watching and exploring the diverse marine life.

Point Prim Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

Point Prim Lighthouse – a favorite tourist destination, photo by Msact

Climbing on top of the Point Prim Lighthouse, visitors are rewarded with fantastic views of the Northumberland Strait and the sapphire sea below. The lighthouse soars 20 meters above sea level, painting a picture of sunrise with the horizon in your vision. Here on Prince Edward Island, the warm Cavendish beach stretches out over 8 kilometers and offers various sports and activities, including parasailing and paddle-board riding. This summer, why not visit this novel-like countryside for a breath of fresh air?

Those are our best picks among the various tourist attractions in Canada. Hope you’ll have a fun, fulfilling and safe summer trip!

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