Hoang Duy Tan

Vice President of the Dong Nai Oriental Medicine Society. Lecturer of Oriental Medicine at Hung Vuong University.

How Mangoes Benefit Your Health

Mango’s scientific name is Mangifera indica L and its genus belongs to the cashew family (Anacardiaceae). All of the mango plant has medicinal uses. Nutritional value of mangoes

Aches and Pains that could be signs of bigger health problems

It is important to pay attention to these signs of bigger health problems. Severe headache

Ginseng can help or harm

In the past, ginseng was a very precious ingredient that only royalty and the rich could afford. Today it is an accessible medicinal ingredient. Many people just go to a pharmacy to buy...

Persimmon Power

Persimmon trees, also known as Diospyros kaki, belong to the Diospyros family. These trees exist mostly in temperate zones but, when they were introduced to Vietnam, they were grown mainly in areas...

Are You at Risk of Stroke?

Having a stroke is dangerous and can lead to death, even among young people. Stroke is also known as a cerebrovascular accident. This is a condition of brain damage due to interruption...

Benefits of Artichoke

Tourists visiting Da Lat on holidays tend to bring back artichokes as gifts for their acquaintances. However, few people make the best of its efficiency. In particular, artichokes are beneficial for liver functions.

The Five-Fruit Tray of Tet

Every Lunar New Year, on the family altar of every Vietnamese family, there is a five-fruit tray as an offering to the ancestors. The five - fruit tray in Tet represents the...

Salmon and Your Health

Salmon is widely understood to be a nutritious food. However, there little known advantages to eating moderate amounts of this fish. Salmon provides essential nutrients for the body...

Cool Health Benefits of Pennywort

Dizzied by the broiling sun, we find relief  inside and out by drinking ground pennywort smoothies. Besides its cooling functions the plant also boasts a number of little known benefits. Pennywort...

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