Attractive Eye Makeup to Welcome 2022

Here are some tips on creating captivating looks in 2022

Unique eye makeup is the answer to looking gorgeous and fashionable behind a mask. Adopt these makeup trends and you’ll bring the Year of the Tiger in with a roar.

Razor-Sharp Eyeliner

A perfectly sharp line inspired by geometric shapes has been trendy for the past few years and is expected to be favored by beauty-holics in 2022. The most popular styles are double winged eyeliner and an arc on eyelids. After drawing the lines, use a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover to drag a straight line at the outer corner of the eye. This erases excess product and makes the liner sharp and edgy.

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Youthful Eyeshadow

Put aside neutral eyeshadow palettes (brown, beige) and step out of your comfort zone with fresh and striking shades such as blue, purple or green. These colors are best suited to create a clear contrast between light and dark eyeshadow, also known as the “halo” effect technique. The darker shade will usually be applied on the outer and inner corners of the eye, while the centre will be touched up by shimmering highlighter. It is important to choose the right complementary colors. You can pick two similar colors with different tones and shades, then combine them with silver, gold, or the same color.

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Colorful Eyeliner

Compared to graphic eyeliner designs, this is a simpler but equally outstanding option for beginners. Currently there are many types of colorful eyeliner products on the market, from matte, shimmer, and pencil to liquid. In an optimal liquid eyeliner, the ink comes out evenly. For pencil, make sure the pigment is soft and long-lasting. You can also combine two different eyeliner colors to define your own style. To showcase the eyeliner, a gentle, natural makeup style works best.

Recommended product: Infinite Chrome Pencil, $28.
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Charming Lashes

When fluttering your eyes becomingly, a quality pair of false eyelashes is a must. There are many products on the market in a wide range of prices. Keep in mind that high-quality lashes are soft, natural, and non-irritating. After you have worn them and taken them off, don’t forget to wipe away the glue from the lashes for multiple uses. Products from Lithe can be reused about 30 times. False eyelashes give your eyes depth. If you choose thick eyelashes for an enhanced appearance, wear a lighter makeup.

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