Announcing The Title “The best taste of Vietnamese soy sauce in 2019”

After nearly two months since the launch of the poll, Culture Magazin is pleased to officially announce the title “The best taste of Vietnamese soy sauce in 2019” belongs to Nam Duong condensed soy sauce (a product of Nam Duong International Foodstuff Corporation (NDFC)

Dear readers,

As informed in the magazine issue in April 2019, starting from the desire to recall the traditional Vietnamese flavors of our readers, Culture Magazin launched the poll “The best taste of Vietnamese soy sauce in 2019”.

As a first step, we collected samples of Vietnam’s soy sauce brand is manufactured and processed in Vietnam, excluding international brands or companies with 100% foreign-invested capital. Then, a tasting and voting session was held at Culture Magazin office with the participation of the Evaluation Committee including the Editorial Board, readers, and food expert in Canada. The evaluation of the Committee on flavor, consistency, color, and the ability to complement the taste of other foods… helped us find the final result of the tasting.

Conclusively, the Nam Duong condensed soy sauce was voted as the “The best taste of Vietnamese soy sauce in 2019” with the most votes.

In order to certify the quality of the voted product, as well as to compare with the opinions of experts and consumers in Vietnam, immediately after the result, Culture Magazin Editor-in-Chief conducted a second round of evaluation right in Vietnam. In April 2019, Culture Magazin had a meeting with the representatives of Nam Duong International Foodstuff Corporation.

Board of Directors and visited Nam Duong soy sauce factory. Here, we had the opportunity to witness firsthand Nam Duong’s modern and up to international food hygiene and safety standards (FSSC 22000 and AIB certifications) production process.

Additionally, in order to have a comprehensive evaluation of Nam Duong soy sauce, Culture Magazin Editor-in-Chief has had a market survey, coming to points of sale (supermarkets, markets) and directly exchanging and interviewing Vietnamese salespeople and consumers about it.

“30 years ago when I just started selling groceries Nam Duong was already in the market. But back then it was called Tau vi yeu Con Meo Den. My family has been using Nam Duong soy sauce since then. The flavor of the sauce is rich and suits us well so I do not intend to change.” – Mrs. N.H.Van Anh, grocery store owner at Vuon Chuoi market, shared.

Furthermore, we also contacted and arranged a meeting and interview with culinary artisan Pham Thi Anh Tuyet, who was in charge of cooking for parties of heads of state, breathing life into national feasts and was considered as the person who keeps the quintessence of Hanoi’s cuisine. According to artisan Anh Tuyet, in Vietnamese culture, the family meals play the core role in fostering the fire of familial love, as well as being the warmest encouragement after a stressful workday. Therefore, in the stories told with Culture Magazin, the flavor of Nam Duong soy sauce (with a different name in 1951 which is Tau vi yeu Con Meo Den) was also mentioned by her with all the warm memories of childhood.

Representatives of Culture Magazin interviewing artisan Anh Tuyet at her Anh Tuyet restaurant, in Hanoi CapitalAfter a thorough process of receiving comments and evaluating, Culture Magazin officially confirm that the Nam Duong Concentrated Soy Sauce has met the following criteria:

  • Having the most voted flavor by the Evaluation Committee in Canada in the poll organized by Culture Magazin.
  • Having all required types of legal business documents (according to Vietnamese law) and food hygiene and safety certificates, and factories of international standards.
  • Being favored by domestic consumers.
  • Being highly rated by food experts for traditional flavor which is preserved throughout nearly 70 years.

As a result, we award the title “The best taste of Vietnamese soy sauce in 2019” to Nam Duong Concentrated Soy Sauce (of Nam Duong brand). Perhaps this will also be the result which will receive a high consensus from many generations of Vietnamese expatriates, because Tau vi yeu Con Meo Den has been the flavor associated with meals of millions of Vietnamese families back in the 50s-60s, whether rich or poor.

Culture Magazin believe that Nam Duong International Foodstuff Corporation, with modern production technology, food hygiene and safety, and a secret recipe to fully preserve the traditional flavor since 1951 has and will continue to bring Vietnamese flavor to consumers around the world.

The poll The best taste of Vietnamese soy sauce in 2019organized by Culture Magazin has concluded successfully. This is considered as the first step on the path to Find Our Origin Through The Familiar Flavors Of Family Meals. We believe that there will be more exciting things waiting on the next journey.

Ann Nguyen

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt