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Amazing Hoi An!

A new cultural experience in an ancient town.


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Every year, Hoi An attracts millions of domestic and international visitors. Voted No. 1 this year in the list of the World’s Best Cities by readers of Travel + Leisure, the destination has become even more popular. However, developing attractions to keep tourists in the city longer has always been a tricky issue.

As a result, the biggest outdoor art performance show in Vietnam, Hoi An Memories, was launched.

Where art, culture and history collide

The stage of Hoi An Memories is 25,000 square meters wide and backed with a majestic mountain and river landscape. More than 500 performers take part in the expressive choreography, and the amazing sound and light system helps capture the audience’s imagination.

Artistic elements and the correct telling of legends were the two leading criteria for the producer when creating the show. Consultations with cultural and historical researchers,  as well as experts in art and theatre, make this show both culturally educational and emotionally riveting.

Dance, sound, light, and colourful costumes combine to present the captivating stories. The 75-minute show follows the story of a weaver girl and takes viewers on a journey back in time so they can understand the history of Hoi An better.

Part one – Life

Hoi An of more than four centuries ago is vividly replicated in the first act, called Life. It is the beginning of everything, the creation of the world, and the people work eagerly to start a new life.

Part Two ­– Wedding

The magnificent wedding ceremony of Princess Huyen Tran and the King of Champa is a memorable milestone in Vietnamese history. An extraordinary procession to receive the bride using elephants is out of a fairytale wedding. The cultural customs of Hoi An in the Champa culture period are examined, as well as the vibrant economic trade of the Chiem Cang-Lam Ap area (which is now Central Vietnam)  in the 9th and 10th centuries.

Part Three – Lamps and Sea

This act focuses on the memories of Hoi An during the period of economic development in the 16th and 17th centuries. A highlight is the touching love story of a girl who turns to stone as she pines for her lover, a sailor working far from home on a merchant ship.

Part Four – Trading Port

In part four Hoi An appears with the bustling atmosphere of a busy international trading port in Southeast Asia in the 17th century.

Part Five – Áo Dài

In the final scene,  the audience is introduced to the beauty of the traditional áo dài in contrast to the ancient architecture of the city. Through all historical ups and downs, Hoi An is a rare city that harmonizes the past with a breath of contemporary life.

Journey to bring Vietnamese art and culture to the world

In March of this year, Hoi An Memories was shown on a big screen in New York City’s Times Square. Helping to promote Vietnamese culture to the world, the video showed hundreds of ladies in graceful traditional áo dài as well as the humble weaver girl –  typical scenes to attract international audiences.

Offering an artistic, cultural and historical experience, the live experience of Hoi An Memories is a must-see for any visitor to the city.

Additional information:

Hoi An Memories
Held every night except for Tuesday.
Location: Hoi An Impressive Park

Photo courtesy of Hoi An Memories.

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