A Talk with Tony Nhan

Sales Manager of Ready Honda – the oldest Honda dealership in Canada, located in Mississauga

Tony Nhan, a Sino-Vietnamese, came to Canada in 1980, at the age of 14. Learning a new language and culture was difficult. In addition, a large family and tight economic situation made it important for him to be resilient and to adapt to the new habitat.

The family first settled in Montreal where French is spoken. Shortly after, they moved to Ontario where use English is the main language. “I had trouble communicating.  Of course, I had to learn another new language.” Trying to overcome difficulties became natural. Perhaps his optimistic view helped him to attain a senior management position at Ready Honda.

When he started in sales at the dealership, customers had a good impression of him. He was patient and wanted to ensure the satisfaction of his customers. Within five years he was appointed manager of financial procedures for car buyers, then three years later he was promoted to his current position of sales manager. He has worked there for more than 25 years.

Culture Magazin spoke with Tony recently and he shared some of his tips for success.

What were your difficulties when you first started working?

I was just a normal salesman. Most visitors came to the showroom to see the car and ask for the price. Customers would go around checking the price elsewhere and decide to buy where there was the lowest price.

What skills should a good sales person obtain?

My secret was to build up my own image so that when customers left, they still remembered me. A sales person needs to be patient, trustworthy and resilient. My “spell” for effective sales is put customer service first.

Do you bring Ready Honda closer to the Vietnamese community?

In the past, Ready Honda did not have any Vietnamese customers. When I joined, I introduced the dealership to many Vietnamese. I also created a Vietnamese team of sales consultants and technologists. Since then, 20 per cent of our customers have been Vietnamese”.

You are the president of the Vietnam Golf Association in Toronto. What does it do for members?

The Vietnamese Golf Association was established for people who have the same hobby and to provide opportunities to get acquainted and share experiences. This is also an opportunity for members to expand their relationships and look for potential partners. The association meets twice a year, in June and September.

You seem to have a strict work ethic. How does your family fit in?

For the family, I am very easygoing. I always want to please my children. My wife is the one who is strict. For me, family is the most important. My simple expectation is that my children grow up in a good environment and then get married. That’s enough.

Your name is well known in the Vietnamese community, you are an active donor and regular participant in charity programs. Why?

Since I came to Canada, and since I first worked at Ready Honda, I have received support from many people, especially Vietnamese. Now that I am successful, I want to share what I have received.

Is it true that Vietnamese customers are always your priority? Is there any special promotion for Vietnamese customers who are buying cars at Ready Honda?

When Vietnamese customers come to Ready Honda, I and my staff will always offer the lowest price, lower than other places. So, bargaining is not necessary.

Do you have a special message for Culture Magazin’s readers, especially Vietnamese ones?

The readers of Culture Magazin will be offered a special discount – Ready Honda’s invoice price, plus three per cent.

Wow, this is really a special offer from Ready Honda. We wish you continued success in your business. Thank you for your participation.

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