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In Ho Chi Minh City, during the three-day Tet holiday, every family, rich or poor, has at least one branch of yellow apricot blossoms (the plant belongs to the family Ocnaceae) representing hope for a prosperous and happy new year. It’s not known when yellow apricot blossoms became known as the noblest flower of all. Normally, the male head of the house is in charge of purchasing the apricot blossom plant. Depending on the interior space or family circumstances, the buyer will choose suitable apricot blossom branches with shapes and forms depicting an upright shape, windswept style, full cascade, father and child, mother and child, or twin dragons.

Apricot blossom displays are an elegant and sophisticated hobby. This flower is said to be spiritual. Even its dedicate fragrance can only be detected late at night, in the cool moist air, by a calm mind.

Apricot blossoms are rich and diverse, but all are seen as a symbol of nobleness, pureness and dignity of the heart. It is said that if apricot blossoms flourish on New Year’s Eve, there will be good fortune all year round