By: Wistley Nguyen, lead designer at Wistley Nguyen Interiors

Wistley Nguyen’s classical style has a bold, polished aesthetic for livable interiors. A young Vietnamese American designer, she bridges the gap between high design and practical living. Her style is chic, comfortable and functional. She creates unique environments that are personal and meaningful. They invoke relationships among the old and new, paginated and pristine, provincial and exotic. Influenced by the colours, textures, shapes and patterns of nature, she is artistic and pragmatic. Her designs employ the handcrafted and manufactured, the quirky and expected.

Brocade holds a touch of romance, a bit of charm and wilderness. The fabrics are an endless source of inspiration for those who want to push boundaries out of their comfort zone. Brocade has touched the hearts of many interior designers, including myself. As a young designer, I am drawn to hand-made patterns that abound in rich, cultural traditions and colours.

To create flamboyant palettes, with one-of-a-kind decorative patterns, a brocade craftsperson must possess an imaginative and creative soul.

Brocade fabric can work in the summer, particularly on breezy and sunny days, sometimes with unexpected bursts of rain. It is a fabric that is harmonious with nature, subtle, and full of life.

A vast majority of brocade fabrics are fragile, with eye catching prints. They can be used for curtains, carpets, pillow covers, napkins and tablecloths. Coming in all sizes, they can be hung on walls, creating an ambience that is classical with a touch of sophistication.

Brocade weaving has spanned centuries in Vietnam and is the signature cultural essence of ethnic minorities. In the past, brocade served as dowry for the daughters in a household. When used in interior design today, brocade can bring a sense of familiarity, relaxation and ease. It is worth exploring this style. Remember the saying, “Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.”