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To keep it fresh for 2017 it is a good idea to re-invent, re-purpose and recycle.

The objective is to create balance while having a unique space that reflects your person style and interests and is tailored to meet your needs.


This trend is all about big, bold, embroidered prints and crochet fabrics – artsy items that are homemade and one-of-a-kind. You can easily incorporate this style into your décor with pieces such as accent pillows, throws, and area rugs for floor or wall.

Desert Chic

Think terracotta planters and tiles, sprinkled with an assortment of cacti. The trend has a Moroccan flair and pairs perfectly with Artisan items.

Jewel Tones

Dark, decadent tones and deep rich hues, such as emerald green and royal blue, add an essence of luxury to the space.

Reclaimed & Exotic Woods

Unique materials such as bamboo and cork, can be just as timeless as oak and maple. Don’t be afraid to try something different with your flooring, cabinetry, or furniture. Explore the use of wood – instead of having it on the floor install it on a wall or ceiling.

The Hexagon

This is the shape for 2017. Feel free to experiment with additional geometrical shapes for your tiles and textiles. Anything other than a circle, square or rectangle.


To create this look you do not need to have roses and scented candles everywhere.  Romance is something that everyone interprets differently. It is a mood that can be created in many ways and customized to your personal style.

  • Fabric:  Go with a sensual selection such as silk, velvet, leather, or a whimsical floral print.
  • Color:  Add punchy ruby reds and a plethora of soft and vibrant pinks.
  • Artwork: Choose your selections carefully. Each piece should speak to you ­– in the language of love! Sculpture, big or small, is an elegant addition to any space.
  • Lighting: Add to the ambiance with drop-down pendant lighting or wall sconces. Put a crystal chandelier over a claw-foot bathtub, install an LED-lit jet tub or a fireplace in the bedroom.

Colors of the Year

Sherwin Williams – Poised Taupe, a sophisticated earthy tone.
Pantone – Greenery, a vibrant yellow-green.