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Born niece to Rosita, founder of Missoni in Milan, Jelmini has breathed the family business for 31 years, working in fashion and home departments since she was a student. With a comprehensive, 360 degree perspective, she leads research and development, and the creative process, finding inspiration everywhere around her.

Creative Profile - Wanda Jelmini
Creative Profile – Wanda Jelmini

She shares: “I absolutely adore what I do but I’m also a lover of life; I love to pick mushrooms, I love to grow flowers, I love to paint, I love music, I love friends, I love sports, I love my family and I love working… Inspiration can be captured at any and every moment. We take out forms, shapes and colours and start by experimenting with how they could be applied in a new way…”
Jelmini was this year’s Guest of Honour at the 2015 Interior Design Show (IDS15). The show presented a never-before-seen retrospective to celebrate MissoniHome’s 60th anniversary.

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