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From its aspiring beginnings in 1998, to its present day partnerships with other huge luxury brands such as Bentley, Bang & Olufsen, and Hasselblad, Vertu continues to impress and exceed expectations of outstanding expression and uncompromising standards in design and craftsmanship.

Gone are the days when you need to choose touchscreen or hard buttons – Vertu has both models in their collection. The Signature is the original masterpiece; the Signature touch, its protégé with crisp aesthetic and undeniable sleekness.

The Aster and Constellation collections speak to the truly expressive individuals, and are designed in unmistakably sophisticated and visually appealing colours.

As cellphones progress and the breakthroughs in technology come faster and more often, the high expectations of top-class service, the standard of design and the distinct craftsmanship of superior brands can be overlooked. This is where Vertu exceeds and stays consistent in their commitment to hand-making each Vertu cellphone using precious metals and toughest-grade materials.

With a huge market in Asian countries (in addition to the impressive clientele from North American and European destinations), it is no surprise that Vertu cellphones are so popular in our own Vietnamese community.  It is an opportunity to express our vibrant personalities and identities since every Vertu is customizable; clients are welcome to choose between different colours, leathers, designs and even engravings for the product.

The excellence in artistry and the absolute uniqueness in design separate Vertu products apart from the competition. Nothing can compare to the ultimate in luxury and effortless style when it also has exceptional performance and connectivity; nothing can compare to a Vertu cellphone.