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Born in 1949 in New York city, Vera Wang used to work as a senior editor at the America’s famous magazine Vogue for years before becoming an international leading wedding dress designer. However, the starting point for her passion for art was surprisingly figure skating. Vera Wang started with this art early at the age of 6,  and achieved the U.S. Figure Skating Championship when she was 19. However, her dream of being part of the Olympic team did not come true. “There are lots of ways to start with figure skating,” said Vera Wang when she decided to take leave of the ice and enter the fashion world. And until now, designing uniforms for figure skaters has always brought her the real joy.

While studying Art History, Vera Wang had a part-time job at the fashion store Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, and an accidental encounter with Frances Patiky Stein, the editor-in-chief of Vogue brought her to the position of an editor in this magazine. Soon at Vogue, Wang continued to be appreciated and promoted, becoming the youngest fashion female editor at the age of 23. Vera Wang had been with Vogue as its fashion chief editor for 17 years; however, the editor-in-chief post slipping out of her hands at Vogue turned a new page in Wang’s life.

After working days without interruption at Vogue, she spent the two following years relaxing and refreshing herself and found happiness in marriage when turning 40. In 1989, Vera Wang got married Arthur Becker; and with her own idea of a dream wedding ceremony, she designed a perfect wedding dress on her own. Starting with this gown, along with supports from her family, Wang has gradually set up the Empire of the most desirable wedding dresses with the brand name Vera Wang Bridal House.

glamour in her design, Wang’s bridal dresses have always been the first choice of top Hollywood actors and celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kate Hudson, Hilary Duff, Alicia Keys … for their big day.

Each one of Vera’s wedding dresses is imbued with the discreet, softness, gentleness, serenity and especially timelessness. Uniquely, each gown seems to be designed to serve only one bride, and crown of Vera Wang, the bride will be the most beautiful in her day.

Vera Wang uses mainly light and subtle colors in her bridal gowns; for example white, black, light blue, pink, light purple, light yellow … Her designs are simple, though exquisite in every detail: in the material, seams, edges, cut, and decorations of each dress. All of the details are made by hand in an incredibly meticulous and sophisticated mannere included in Wang’s designs with lace pattern and Chinese collar.

In 2002, Vera Wang stirred the fashion world when she officially joined the Chinese fashion industry and launched the Vera Wang China and Crystal Collection. “Starting with the high-end fashion line helps me to know well the elite. However, after years of design, I was discouraged by the fact that onlyWhat concerns me much is how Vera Wang bridal gowns are available to the majority, especially women who never wore Vera Wang gowns. So, I have shifted my goal to designs for ordinary women, encouraging them to express themselves and become whoever they want,” said Wang. And in 2007, she introduced the cheap wedding dress line Simply Vera with the hope that brides with lower income can accomplish their sweet dreams.

Ice skating definitely gave Wang a great inspiration, which was later shown very successfully in her wedding gowns. “It’s the art deriving from the love of lines, shapes ands a costume designer.

have not been affected because of that change. Wearing a Vera Wang gown and crown is still the dream of every bride around the world on her big day.