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Not just women, but men like me, also want to be beautiful. What are the secrets to being beautiful? In this issue, I want to share with you a few beauty tips that are beneficial for both genders.

Women like to go to the spa and do facials. Many patients have asked me whether those activities are beneficial. Since I am not a skin-care specialist, I am not in a position to give advice in this area. However, my preference is that if you enjoy doing these activities, then they already have a positive psychological effect. When you are happy and pleased with yourself, you will feel and look more beautiful. Besides keeping your mind tranquil, you might want to follow the following tips to stay beautiful.


When you go out, especially in the summer, always wear sunblock. Even in the wintertime, when the sun is not often visible, UV rays are still there, causing damage to your skin. When it comes to beauty, Vietnamese people have a saying, “figure is most important, next is the skin” (meaning: to be beautiful, one must first have a nice figure, then nice skin), therefore, protecting the skin is crucial. It’s much more effective than using expensive skin cream.

Dry skin is synonymous with bad skin because beautiful things aren’t usually wrinkly and rough. Therefore, you should try to remember to use moisturizing lotion or cream all the time, and use a generous portion when applying. Don’t be parsimonious. Apply lotion immediately after you get out of the shower, when the body is most wet and moist. This will help retain the moisture in your skin much longer.

Before leaving the house in the morning, you can apply moisturizing cream, then another layer of sunblock on top. At night, after showering, you only need to apply moisturizing lotion. Throughout the day, re-apply as often as needed to give your skin the most protection.


Frequent hot showers and washing will lead to dry skin, making it more prone to irritation and itchiness. Bathing with cold water is the best beauty secret. Not only is it good for the skin, it also helps increase blood circulation.

People who are used to bathing with hot water – especially those living in cold weather climates – will find it hard to change the habit. I suggest, instead of jumping into the shower and turning it on as hot as possible until you feel most euphoric, how about trying to turn it to as cold as possible until you feel you can’t bare it anymore. Start your shower with warm water, than gradually change it to cooler temperature, then end with cold water. Try the new showering regime for a month. Your body will eventually adjust to the right temperature, and you will be able to handle colder water.

If possible, avoid showers and take baths instead. Hot showers can cause skin flaking, thus stripping away the skin’s softness.


I often advise my patients to follow a healthy diet and make it a daily habit to eat well. Eat foods that are rich in nutrients, and avoid foods that are high in calories. Consume vegetables and fruits more often than meats. Walk every day and whenever possible, keep exercising throughout the day, and when it comes to standing or sitting, do the latter more often.


Seasonal transition is the time when people get sick the most. Bacteria and viruses often proliferate in cold weather. Those who are vulnerable to cold, flu, allergies… should get a vaccination either by a shot, or by taking pills.

From a medical point of view, being beautiful is equal to being healthy, both physically and mentally. Hopefully these “beauty tips” will help you stay young, healthy and happy.

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Dr. Khoi Nguyen
Dr. Khoi holds a Science Degree from the University of Toronto and received his medical degree in 1988. He is currently seeing patients at his private family medicine practice. In 2010, he received the Canada’s Citizenship Award for his numerous contributions to the community. Bác sĩ Khôi tốt nghiệp ngành khoa học tại University of Toronto và tốt nghiệp y khoa năm 1988. Hiện nay ông đang làm việc tại phòng mạch tư chuyên về sức khỏe gia đình, và đã được vinh dự nhận giải thưởng Canada’s Citizenship Award năm 2010.