From holographic hair to silky, post beach waves, this fall is all about  experimenting with your locks.

Colour Me

Balayage is back!

Sort of. At Leonard, different shades of blue were shimmied through blonde models. Rock the look with a middle part and bedhead texture. Brunettes boasted purple hues and redheads rocked the ‘pumpkin spice latte’ look with varying shades of golden blonde and painted chestnut strands.

If you’re looking for something even more dramatic, Versace went primary school with big chunks of hair coated in red, yellow and blue. The vibe is tough sexuality which means a striking cut to go with the colour. Think bowl cut fringes and jagged layers (involve your hairdresser on this one).

Holographic hair.

There’s all the time in the world for this iridescent rainbow trend! Think back to the My Little Pony days. It’s all about subtle pastel highlights that catch the light making it appear as though your hair is changing colour as you strut down the street or through the shopping mall.


How do you get it?

A trip to the salon is the best way to pull this off. Opalex is used to lighten the hair before streaking it with a variety of Pravana dyes in lavender, violet and blue to create a glorious mix of muted silver and pastel purple tones.


This is as subtle as it sounds. Chocolate rose gold made it big onto the catwalk this year, featuring intense brown hues at the top, cascading to pink tones along the bottom. Style it with a smooth blow-dry and loose curls to really get the shimmer going.

Braided Beauty

Playful Plaits

At Alice + Olivia, the milkmaid braid was all the rage. To recreate the look, make sure your hair isn’t freshly washed as it will be harder to keep in place. Create two pigtail braids and secure with a clear elastic band, then pull the elastic down a bit and loosen the braid to make it thicker. Pull the braid over your crown and secure in three places – the base, the middle and the end of the braid. Repeat with the other braid and where the ends meet, make sure you tuck one under the other and pin down. Pull a few pieces out at the front and hairspray the heck out them.

Waves for Days

At Max Mara, the likes of Gigi Hadid and Lily Donaldson sashayed down the catwalk sporting fall’s answer to beach waves. Much more than a passing trend, it’s a hairstyle with staying power that adapts to every season. Start by scrunching a texturizing mousse through your damp strands, and then rough-dry with a blow dryer. You want the ends to have a textured, unfinished look so avoid smoothing hair down with a brush too often.

Once your hair is dry, take angled sections rather than ones that go straight across (this makes the hair lay softer and more naturally) and add a wave with a wand or hot iron. For shorter hair, use a one-inch barrel and for long hair, use a wider barrel which will make a looser wave. After you drop the curl, lightly tug on the end to loo- sen the wave. To get an extra tousled look, twist the hair before you curl it. Finish with a volumizing texture spray.