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Home of bustling commercial canals and overabundant tropical fruit-bearing trees, the South-Western towns of Vietnam: Cần Thơ, Sóc Trăng, Bạc Liêu, Cà Mau and Năm Căn, offer a sea-fresh, bucolic travel experience that no other region can stand or dare to compete. This region is host to Vietnam’s fastest growing boat tourism industry with the largest assortment of water exploration tours.

A popular vacation destination for Saigoners, who – with the increased urbanization of cities – often find themselves longing for a taste of the countryside, where most of them experienced endearing and adventurous childhoods. The towns’ enormous fruit-picking orchards and an easy driving distance of approximately 170 km from Saigon turn this region into a top weekend-get-away choice.

On a boat ride down the breezy lakes and creeks, visitors can buy snacks, fruits, drinks and even delicious freshly-caught and grilled seafood dinners from nearby vendor boats, while listening to the operatic tunes of cải lương – a special type of music of the region that is often described as “sounds of lamenting nostalgia.”

Excitement is not an emotion these towns want to sell, but rather those of peace and tranquility, relaxation and reflection. This is a time to look back, de-stress, and return to wonderful memories that have long been forgotten with the vicissitudes of life. While in this charming South-Western region, you will experience deeper joys than any you have known, only if you allow yourself to enjoy unhurriedly. Take an afternoon nap on the hammock by the orchard. Pay the local temple a visit. People-watch by the vibrant waterfront. Sit on the side of the bridge and watch the sunset. You will see sounds, hear sentiments, and feel colors that are omnipresent, and will stay long with you after your departure back to the rat-race of city life.