The film hinges on a child’s journey since his birth as plagued with the horrible sufferings of being abandoned on a mountain by his own mother, and eventually having his right leg and genitals mauled by wild animals.

Having carried this hapless child home, loving him like her own son she takes Nhan all over the world to remedy his anomalies. His adoptive mother – journalist Mai Anh – and her friends initiated Project “THIEN NHAN AND FRIENDS” to carry out genital regeneration operations for Vietnamese children with miserable genital defects either for rudimentary causes or by accidents. The project coordinators also gave patients’ families travelling and accommodation aids.

After news of the successful operation for Thien Nhan was spread, many impoverished families all over Vietnam sought after journalist Mai Anh and her campaign to share their own tragedies. Genital defects were a far cry from something people can easily share with each other in Asian societies; however, the story of Thien Nhan helped change this conception. Since 2011, the project has taken charge of over 160 operations for underprivileged children (updated as of November 2015). It was indeed the driving force behind the joint decision by Mai Anh, Mr. Greig Craft (an American philanthropist) and Italian surgeon Roberto DeCastro to fund this project.

Professor & Doctor Roberto DeCastro is a famous expert in Italy who boasts over 40 years of experience in pediatric urology. He was the former Executive Director of Pediatric Surgery of Maggiore Hospital, Bologna, Italy and former Dean of the Pediatric Urology Department in King Faisal Hospital, Saudi Arabia. He is now the Executive Director of Pediatric Surgery and Urology in Petrucciani Hospital, Lecce, Italy. He has also actively engaged himself in charitable activities for underprivileged children worldwide.

Over the last 10 years, genital regenerative technologies developed by Doctor Roberto DeCastro have been successfully applied in various cases of rudimentary genital defects and severe genital amputations.

Since 2011, Dr. Roberto DeCastro, Dr. Aurelie Chiappinelli, Dr. Emilio Merlini and Vietnamese-born American Professor Dinh Tue have devoted their time and resources to visiting Vietnam at least once or twice per year to carry out operations for underprivileged children. Thanks to the kindness of philanthropists, the operations went smoothly and successfully. They are now included as part of annual activities by the Asian Injury Prevention Foundation (AIPF).

Project ‘THIEN NHAN AND FRIENDS” has up to date taken charge of over 160 operations and free checkups and consulting for over 600 patients (updated as of November 2015) in the Medical University Hospital, Vinmec, Central Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi, Natal and Pediatric Hospital in Danang and Pediatric Hospital II in Ho Chi Minh City. Genital regeneration surgeries have been performed for both male and female patients.

Project managers have also hosted 3 symposiums to share some experiences to hundreds of domestic surgeons in three cities: Hanoi (November 2-3, 2011), Danang (June 25, 2012) and Ho Chi Minh City (June 16, 2015).

The project has been fueled by financial supports from both domestic communities and communities of Vietnamese expats across many countries and from domestic and international individuals and businesses alike.

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