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Barbados is a tiny Caribbean island. Despite its size,  the island entices travelers from all over the world, in particular outdoor enthusiasts and avid surfers .

Thanks to its pristine, white sandy beaches, dazzling natural landscape, diverse culture and strong identity, Barbados attracts many tourists. Because of its year-round sunny climate, the island is a top destination for those who want to escape the prickly winter.

As soon as we set foot on this island, we are draped in the ambience of comfort, tenderness and freedom. The locals are very peaceful and friendly. They keep their pace of living in a leisurely manner. Once used to their lifestyle, you will be completely at ease. Leisure seems to rule Barbados.

As tiny as it is, Barbados is not short of fine scenes. Highly recommended destinations include Harrison Grotto, the rum liquor factory (rum is the main export of Barbados) and the floral gardens or rainforests. However, you will never wish to be secluded from Barbados’ azure skyline as the best activities in this island are inexorably linked with the sea.  Feeding sea turtles is a delightful, and affordable hobby that hotels usually offer their guests. Should you crave something more sensational, try a cruise on a double-decker boat or go fishing in deep waters. Those who desire to explore 46 metres beneath the water can join a trip on Atlantis submarines. This experience is one-of-a-kind.

It would be a pity for shopaholics to miss the island’s capital, Bridgetown – the most robust shopping hub of Barbados. You can drop by Limegrove Mall in Holetown and pick products from established brands, including Cartier and Ralph Lauren. In addition, there are also MAC cosmetics and a hi-end beauty spa in the complex.

Foods are another plus of the island. From Michelin-star restaurants to beach bars, the menus attract gourmands, even the most demanding ones. Whether a sumptuous feast or a dinner in candlelight, all meals are enlivened with the whispering sound of the waves. Fresh delicacies such as grilled fish, pulled chicken and rainbow salads are best served with glasses of fine wine.

Barbados is spared from the atrocity of natural disasters. No broiling summer, no unbearable wintry chills and no raging nature. The island is a perfect getaway to escape the heat, the cold and all mundane concerns of the daily grind. This island deserves to be called heaven on earth.