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O HUI-WHOO cosmetic products pamper your skin and help to stimulate collagen and elastin for firm, white, pore-free skin. They can also help regrow new, bright and soft skin cells, and treat skincare problems such as: pimples, dark spots, freckles, and prevent aging. O HUI-WHOO penetrates deep under the skin’s surface to bring forth flawless, bright and soft skin.

1. SoonHwan Essence

The first step to the skin care regiment, to be used after applying toner to help nourish and fight against skin aging. It also improves blood circulation, energy, and prevents redness which is the foundation of bright and beautiful skin.

2. Cell Power No 1 Essence

A skincare essence with 12 patented ingredients. Apply on skin after using SoonHwan Essence. It especially helps stimulate skin cell growth, and is an essential skincare product, and suitable for all skin types.


3. The First GENITURE

This night cream combines more than 19 ingredients to help rejuvenate skin, and renders as total skincare, in addition to treating various skin care problems such as dark spots and acne spots. This excellent product has been approved by CHA, a world renowned stem cell research institute. Customers have also recognized this product to be of the highest quality and suitable for all skin types.

4. Hwanyu Cream

This night cream is the last step to the skincare regiment. Combining the potency of more than 70 precious Eastern medicinal ingredients, this product provides maximum nourishment to the skin and helps resolve skin aging issues. It can nourish a whole new layer of new, youthful and bright skin. This is the best product for women over 50.