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Flower specialists from online shops such as revealed that each month of the year is represented by a species of flower. For those born in the month of April, are you aware of which flower represents your month of birth? It is the lovely Daisy.

Daisies are, not only beautiful and lovely, they also carry several meanings and facts that are worth acknowledging.

According to the research of Andy Bloxham, a former news reporter and assistant news editor for the Daily Telegraph in the UK, daisies represent purity and innocence. They are found everywhere in the world except Antarctica.

The word Daisy is thought to come from the old English “day’s eye,” after the way in which it opens at dawn.

In 1792, a German botanist Paul Dietrich Giseke classified the daisy family as composite because daisies have composite flowers that consist of a large number of small flowers, called florets. Ray florets form the outer part of the flower and disk florets are located at the center of the flower.

Looking closely, a daisy is the combination of two flowers in one: the white petals count as one flower and the cluster of tiny yellow disc petals that form the eye is technically another.

A few online flower shops express that daisies also have the meaning of true love because the two flowers blend into each other harmoniously. Add to that; the giver can keep a secret and keeping the secret is a way of expressing that he/she loves the receiver truly.

Information on daisies from discloses that they bloom during the summer, and the bees are daisies’ main pollinators. There are many types of daisies, the most popular types are Marguerite Daisy, Gloriosa Daisy, Shasta Daisy, African Daisy and Gerber Daisy. The daisy is a biennial plant, which means that its life cycle ends in two years.

The color of the flower depends on the species. Daisies
can be white with yellow center, purple with a brownish center, red with a yellow center, or yellow with a dark red center.

Andy Bloxham also discloses that daisy leaves are edible, many people use daisy leaves to mix with their salad due to its rich source of Vitamin C similar to artichoke.

Besides, daisy is known to be a good folk medicine which can be used to slow bleeding, relieve indigestion and ease coughs. According to, daisy is used in homeopathy to accelerate healing after surgical procedures and to alleviate a backache. It is also used to treat injuries in animals.

Those are a few meanings and facts about daisy. In reality, this beautiful flower can be used to give to each other on different occasions. The combination of several colors express different innermost feelings: Red is symbolic of passion, love and energy. Orange is close to the shade of the sun, therefore, symbolic of expansion, growth, warmth and also the color of friendship. Yellow is considered a symbol of purity, clarity, truth and intellect. The meaning of the color green is about renewal, growth, hope, health and youth. Blue symbolizes the purity of our dreams while violet color in flowers is both energizing and spiritual at the same time and is also considered a color of royalty and nobility. Incorporate violet flowers in
your life as a symbol of faith, and a reminder that nobility of the heart is the greatest aspiration.

Culture wishes you a beautiful spring full of love energy, health and promises!