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Who says a European style winter doesn’t exist in Vietnam? Mysterious fog and snow often envelop Sapa, turning it into a  Grimm’s fairytale painting.

Winter in Sapa arrives in November or December. The temperature drops, the sky is less azure, the clouds less silvery, rice paddies are no longer golden and the iconic rice terraces are no longer lush and green. Sapa is called the misty town because in winter the whole town is blanketed in a cold layer of fog. From afar, the cityscape is mesmerizing and illusory.

When winter comes, people flock to Sapa to absorb the prevailing chill of the mountain and imagine that they are in a distant European country. Sapa is one of the coldest regions of Vietnam and winter temperatures drop to an average of 5oC. Why do people crave such a freezing experience when they could be at ease in a more moderate city? Winter in Sapa fuels a flaming enthusiasm among tropical dwellers who long for the sight of falling snow which they equate with distant Western countries. Perhaps the winter cold encourages couples to warm up by walking hand in hand or embracing each other.

What entices domestic and foreign visitors most is the snow. Although it only lasts several days, it is enough to fuel them up with excitement. They flock to the town just to watch the the flakes fall. Sometimes the snow does not fall, but things are still frozen. Have you ever seen blooming flowers underneath a transparent layer of ice? If not, pay a visit to Sapa!

Grilled food is also a must in Sapa. Sitting by the brazier, savoring some beef skewers with Miao cabbage or munching some well-grilled corn is an extremely fulfilling experience. Winter becomes a delicious wonderland.

During winter, crops and plants are barren, and stock must be closely watched. Sapa locals face a daunting time in this season. However, prolonged exposure to the cold may have enhanced their resilience. Some people even walk barefoot in wintertime. It may shake you to your core to witness their predicament. A trip to Sapa is not complete without deeper insights into local life. Breathtaking moments of the town’s charm can be beyond your wildest imagination. Winter is coming to Sapa. If you travel there it will be more meaningful than ever.

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