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Summer has arrived. High temperatures and bright sunshine raise our spirits, but can ruin our make-up. How to avoid becoming a melting mess? Here are some tips from

Flawless Skin

Heat makes us break out in a sweat. Not only do we have perspiration glands in our armpits, palms and feet, but also on our face. Sweat, our natural “air conditioner, cools us down but it can also ruin our make-up.

That’s why summery light formulations such as BB, CC or DD creams are much better than thick foundations, cream powders or mousses. BB, CC, and DD creams first gained popularity in Korea. But what do all those letters stand for, and what do these creams actually do? Short for beauty balm or blemish balm, BB creams are tinted moisturizers that contain SPF, anti-aging elements, and light-reflection ingredients. CC (color correction) creams are similar to BB creams but are packed with vitamins C and E. DD creams (daily defender or dynamic do-all) combine the benefits of both the BB and CC creams with an anti-aging focus.

When buying one of these creams, look for a brand suited to Asian skin, such as Amore Pacific. There’s a difference between Asian and western brands. Asian BB creams tend to have higher levels of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for more opaque sun protection and foundation-like coverage. Made with a hotter climate in in mind Asian brands are suited for oily/ combination skin and often contain a whitening component.

After applying the cream, achieve a matte effect by dusting powder on your face to absorb sebum and sweat ­– powder is great for touch-ups during the day. Those who want to play it safe can also pack blotting papers into their beach bags.

No-melt Make-up

Just like ice cream, eye shadow and lipstick can melt rapidly. Look for products that are water- and smudge-proof. For eyes, blue is hot this summer. Lips perk up with fruity fresh shades such as peach, raspberry or melon.

Going swimming?  Make sure you opt for waterproof mascara, smudge-proof eyeliner, eye shadow base and long lasting creamy eye shadows that will survive a dive into cooling water.

Smells Like Summer

Less is more as the mercury rises. Ditch winter’s heavy fragrances and dive into something zippier. Sniff out refreshing components such as bergamot or tangerine, floral chords or fruity scents.

Find a matching deodorant and if you are really soggy, go for an antiperspirant that can reduce the activity of perspiration glands up to 60 per cent. Special creams (look for peppermint) offer a refreshing tingle for the feet. Tuck a thermal water spray or towelette into your purse for a quick pick-me-up.

Beach-worthy Hair

Casual waves, loose braids or a functional messy bun are the hottest beach looks. For a day in the blazing sun, proper styling and care products are necessary. To create elaborate braided hairstyles, spray segments of hair with hairspray while styling. Use hair lacquer for an extra long-lasting look.

UV protection is also important. Wear a hat and use moisturizing shampoos. A mask or intensive hair treatment once or twice a week will revitalize your locks and fight environmental damage.