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Want to add a little dazzle to your space? These sizzling hot geometric gems are sure to captivate attention and steal the show. A little sparkle goes a long way, and metal is a great Feng Shui element to add to your space when done right.

When starting any design project, make sure you allocate time and money for accessorizing. These pertinent details will bring the space together, creating a designed and organized finished product. Accent furnishings such as side tables, lamps, sofa cushions and artwork come in all shapes and dimensions. Browse for items that coincide with the size of the space and tantalize your style palette.


  • Do pick up enough items that spread the theme throughout the space.
  • Don’t overdo the accessories in a massive cluster.
  • Do pick items that you like and have a timeless essence to them.
  • Don’t pick questionable items that conflict with your current décor.
  • Do pick items that reflect your style and work with the home as a whole.
  • Don’t pick up whatever is on sale or make spontaneous purchases. Take time to consider your needs and proceed accordingly.

Happy Home Accessorizing!

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