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The deep blue sea, with its endless ripples and waves, has inspired Elise’s new flowing and seductive collection. Her combination of contrasting details takes us to the shore and invites us to find inner peace on a white sandy beach. Elise’s collection is fragile and delicate, yet carefree when shining in the colors of the sky and earth. Butterfly motifs add to the weightlessness.

As the winds rise, pastel-colored dreams appear, embedded with mysteries. Flowing, shy and timid, the collection embraces elegant deep blues and pinks. It also emphasizes mysterious black and lustrous gray. The breeze brings the collection to life, mingling energy with beauty.

“Lace is the most beautiful dream fabric that humans can create. Nothing is more graceful than this material,” explains Elise. Her reverence for this fabric can be seen in her exquisite lace dresses, made for romance.

Butterfly-like, pleated layers of lace chiffon create an array of different colors. Timeless, the colors range from light to dark with sweet pastel pinks and midnight black. The overall effect is an elegant mix of sophisticated layers.