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A sofa is a staple item of the space and picking the perfect piece can be an investment of both time and money.  By assessing your needs and identifying your style, the intimidating factor can be eliminated.

When making your selection, durability does not have to compromise style. Technology has played a huge role in giving consumers a plethora of fabric options that can withstand the tests of time. Also, how about this fun fact: outdoor fabrics have come indoors.

  • Leather is a timeless classic, and if you are worried about kids or pets scratching it, there is a “distressed leather” look which adds an interesting texture.
  • Scotchgard can assist in the preservation of your iconic new focal point, should you opt for fabrics such as micro-fibre…

When going for a modern look, choose clean lines with minimal to no detail.  For a masculine space, go for something heavier and bulkier, the opposite for a more feminine edge – round curves and elegant legs are ideal.

Since the couch naturally becomes a social mecca, size can be easily determined by the amount of space you have.

  • L- shaped sofas and cicular couches are great for socializing and lounging.

•  Customizing your couch will allow you to seat many guests, and make the space fit perfectly.