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Hoang Duy Tan

Often during the first days of the Lunar New Year, everyone has time to relax and enjoy the Tet holidays. People gaily chat with each other and cannot forget to eat those traditional watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds or squash seeds. But there are many other seeds and nuts that are delicious and enhance our health.

Cashews: Food for the mind

Cashews are particularly rich in iron and zinc. Iron helps provide oxygen to all cells and stave off anemia. Zinc is equally important for our immune system and visual health. Cashews are also a good source of magnesium: 100g of cashews provides nearly 25 per cent of our total daily requirement. According to a survey in Neuron magazine, magnesium has been proven to improve memory and prevent aging related Alzheimer’s disease. Daily intake: 18 cashews, 165 calories, 13g fat.

Walnuts: Anti-inflammatory magic

Antioxidants in walnuts help to protect our bodies from cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammation and premature aging. Walnut is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. In particular, the healthy unsaturated fat and magnesium in walnuts have been proven to help reduce menopause symptoms in women. Daily intake: 14 walnuts, 185 calories, 18g fat.

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Consuming in the Lunar New Year aside, we can also consume these nuts on a daily basis. Some nutritionists claim that if you ignore nuts as your frequent snacks, you omit the shield against diseases, an armor for your heart, your mind and well beyond, at your peril”. Unfortunately, too few people bother to consume nuts frequently. Joy Bauer, a nutritionist of Today Show concluded that: “It may well be because people are scared by fat and calories in nuts, or think nuts are quite boring”. He stressed that: “Just a small bunch of nuts consumed daily can sufficiently provide your protein, fiber, unsaturated fat, vitamins and essential minerals”.

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