The year end is normally a great time for overseas Vietnamese families around the world to return to the homeland to visit their beloved friends and relatives as well as relax and enjoy themselves. Here are three one-of-a-kind catering, entertainment and recreational hotspots in Saigon to celebrate Christmas 2017 and usher in 2018.

“Supercar” café

New Life Coffee : R2-25 Bui Bang Doan – Tan Phong Ward – Dist. 7

Thought of as the miniature of Singapore in Saigon, Phu My Hung Urban Area in District 8 is home to lots of food services and recreational hubs. You can find franchised coffee chains from overseas, including Starbucks, Highlands, Coffee Beans here, but the real star is New Life Coffee, attracting customers and media and run by a  Vietnamese businesswoman since 2014.

Along with high-end décor, delicious drinks and breakfast, the most conspicuous plus of the café is the gathering of supercars on weekends. This is where famous, ultra expensive cars from all corners of the world gather. You can see and touch Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bugattis, Porsches, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Aston Martins and Range Rovers. You might even stand a chance to chat with the owners and listen to them talk about their luxurious pursuit. Maybe this will deliver to you big business opportunities because all these owners call the shots in renowned enterprises in Vietnam.

A bar decked in the sky

Chill Sky Bar: AB Towel – 76A Le Lai – Ben Thanh Ward – Dist. 1

Nested on the 26th floor of AB Towel at the heart of District 1 is Chill Sky Bar. This pioneering rooftop bar ushered in a new era of panoramic views of hectic Saigon by night. An established name in Vietnam, the bar has won international awards and been covered by foreign media channels. In addition to international events such as a live show by singer Leah McFall (winner of The Voice UK) and patronage by English footballer David Beckham, Chill Sky Bar is also a hangout of Vietnamese showbiz celebrities where they enjoy themselves or perform on a nightly basis.

Chill Skybar boasts a robust outdoor space and world class high-end lounge. It is a wonderful hotspot for those who crave for endless night parties. Youngsters already used to a foreign lifestyle are naturally drawn to Chill Sky Bar because it offers  the upbeat vibes and palatable diversity they demand.

Placing a chill on the tropical heartland

Snow Town Saigon: 125 Dong Van Cong – Thanh My Loi Ward – Dist. 2

Launched in early 2017, Snow Town Recreational Area, located in District 2, triggered a hot wave of cool chills among the Saigon’s young as well as in neighboring provinces. The area resembles  a wintry European town drenched in heavy snow and provides the most “genuine” chill that winter has to offer. Spanning more than 4,000sqm, the snow town has much more than the skiing area. There is a series of highly addictive activities that you can enjoy including snow surfing and snowball fights. These will definitely thrill kids who were born in a moderate climate and travel to Vietnam with their families for the first time.