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By: Xuan Le

The sand sculpture park at Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan, is known as Forgotten Land and was opened to the public in late January. It’s the first sand park in Vietnam, displays works created by established sand artists from around the world.

Their sand statues are formed with 100 per cent natural sand and water. No other materials are added.

To finish a sculpture, participants employ their own solutions and techniques to keep the sand from drying and blowing away when exposed to strong winds and intense sunlight. They are also employing, for the first time in Vietnam, a sand compression technique. When tightly compressed sand and water is shaped by the skillful hands of sculptors, giant cubes are transformed into lively and realistic works of arts.

Sand Scultures artist Pave Mylnikov
Sand Scultures artist Pave Mylnikov

Using the folk tales and legends of Vietnam and the world, sculptors have successfully created many mythical figures such as Sơn Tinh-Thủy Tinh (the Mountain God-Water God), Cóc kiện trời (The Toad suing Heaven), Sự tích Thạch Sùng (the Legend of Lizards), Nàng lọ lem (Cinderella), Chú mèo đi hia (Puss in Boots). Other fables illustrated include The Rabbit and the Turtle, The Buffalo and the Toad, The Fox and The Raven and The Grasshopper and the Ant.

As well as folk tale figures, across the park there are also sand replicas of ancient Vietnamese structures such as Thien Mu Pagoda and Po Nagar Temple. There are portraits of French author Charles Perrault (author of Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty) and Greek author Homer, giant dragons and even a rooster commemorating the Year of the Rooster.

These sand statues can survive up to one year under normal weather conditions. Forgotten Land sand park receives approximately 1,000 visitors each day. The park will continue to invest in and produce additional sand sculptures in the near future to enrich the travel experiences of tourists.