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Relax, come and chill with the family at Sabai Sabai. What is more comforting than an invitation to join a family meal? At Sabai Sabai, co-owners Jason Jiang, Seng Luong and Chef Nuit Regular extend their warmest welcome and open their arms to their treasured dining guests.

Childhood memories of what these three liked to eat and make when they were in Laos and Thailand, have inspired the dishes that they have been serving for the past two and a half years, to the people of the Discovery District in Downtown Toronto. Soon, they will be bringing this inspiration to the people of Yonge and Bloor once their new location opens up around September this year.

Your walk down memory lane can begin with the refreshing Tom Yum Yum drink, inspired by the tom yum soup. The hints of pama and coconut as well as the ever present chili are in perfect harmony as you take your first sips. Next, enjoy some crispy squash fritters and tamarind dip – a definite must-try if you have never tasted it before. Be sure to get hands-on with the spicy papaya salad, where you can grind down all the delectable juices from fresh ingredients of green papaya, carrots and tomatoes and really get that invigorating flavour and spice from the chilis. Some other things to try include: the deep-fried bassa fish with tamarind reduction and orange sauce, the grilled lao sao chicken wings with spices from a family recipe (slow grilled and so good), the laplao (a signature Laos dish with minced, fresh herbs and pork, chicken, shrimp or beef) and their real Laos pork sausages (recently added to the menu), and for all the veggie haters out there – you need to try the Stir-Fried Morning Glory, it is absolutely going to change your mind!

Everything about Sabai Sabai is an ode to home and holds precious memories for these three close friends and business partners. The arsty décor reminds them that what you create is who you are. There are photographs that are framed and hanging along the walls; each are pieces of consignment that support local artists. For a more personal touch, the Sabai Sabai family has a photo collage wall right by the entrance made up of candid polaroids; many of their guests are repeat customers so they want to have a way to say “welcome home” whenever those guests come by again.

So, come by and chill at Sabai Sabai; time will pass and you will hardly know it while enjoying the great food and being a part of the Sabai Sabai family.