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Your home is an investment and a refuge from the day-to-day chaos that can drain energy.  In summer, a patio takes priority as a retreat and place of relaxation. When tailoring the design of your home’s outside haven consider what entices you about getting away and incorporate those elements into your oasis.  Square footage and budgets vary.  Implement creative concepts, and select from a plethora of products, and you can transition any dream into a reality.

Catch some rays on the perfect lounger. Comfy cushions and an abundance of accent pillows are a must.  This is an excellent opportunity to inject some personality into the space.

Create shade, and cover, with a cabana or pagoda.  Sun is great, but an area to escape from the elements is important. This can be simple or as elaborate as you wish, and as your budget permits.

Incorporate lots of greenery and your favourite flowers for an exotic and tropical oasis. Add interest with an assortment of pots and a variety of foliage.

Relax with a book by the fireplace or cook s’mores over a fire pit.  There is no shortage of options.  Consider a portable unit if a built-in fireplace is not realistic.

Take entertainment to the next level with a floating projection screen or install a plasma one.  Perhaps you crave a quiet Zen zone with just a touch of calming music. Whatever your vision may be, efficient electricity and a sufficient supply of outlets are highly recommended.

Water in any capacity is a welcomed component and an important element in creating tranquility. Maintaining a pool may not be feasible, but there are other alternatives. Consider incorporating a koi pond or water fountain.  Water features come in all shapes, sizes, colours and themes.

Invest in a quality grill that suits your barbequing needs.  Proper maintenance and safe use are imperative to ensure a great summer. Most gas grills can also be used year round.

Create an enchanting atmosphere in your magical retreat with an assortment of LED, solar and twinkle lights.  Accentuate the ambience with candles.  A diversified lighting plan is key to an adaptable setting that can cater to different moods and create a unique experience.