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“Ăn Quả Nhớ Kẻ Trồng Cây.”
  • Literal Translation: If you eat the fruit, remember the one who grows the tree.
  • English Equivalent: Honor the tree that gives you shelter.

The meaning of this proverb revolves around showing gratitude. At a young age, we are abruptly thrown into adulthood and tangled among the many problems of life. We are quick to take for granted and cast away the small things we deem undeserving of our attention.

When you eat the fruit, remember the person who planted the tree. The person who planted the tree would have to plant the seeds, water the tree every day, and nurture the tree in good health for years before they can harvest the fruit. With all the efforts that are put into placing the fruit on your table, the proverb is reminding us to remember the person who planted the tree.

If all that effort is required for growing a tree, how much more effort is needed for raising a child?  To raise a child, aside from working vigorously to earn a living, parents scurry through life to nurture, guide, and care for their child. Always be there through good and bad times, protecting the child against the whirlwind of life, watching them grow and never give up. A sacred and unconditional love.  And in a blink, they have worried for the child their entire lifetime. Yet children seldom take the time to express gratitude for our parents, be it in the form of a small talk or through carrying out an action. Instead of complaining about how the food is not to your preference or expressing annoyance that your parents nag too much, try to think about the surpassing amount of times your parents got things right. Gratitude bears many faces, so find a way that you feel comfortable with expressing your appreciation for them.

May is the month of Mother’s Day, so this month especially, we have an excuse to show unconditional affection to our mother and father without having to be embarrassed. Make the best of it!

Culture  Magazin wishes you and your family a happy Mother’s Day!