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If you are looking for something to fill during your gap year, and at the same time make a meaningful contribution with the work you do, this opportunity is definitely something that you should look into!

Projects Abroad has placed over 60,000 volunteers and interns in positions where they have made and felt a lasting impact through the work that they have done. Here are just a few examples of some of the areas you can contribute to:

  • TEACHING: English, Music, Dance, Art, Sports
  • CARE: Orphanages, Care Centres, Day Cares
  • CONSERVATION AND ENVIRONMENT:  Farm projects,  Marine/wildlife conservation, Forest conservation
  • MEDICINE AND HEALTHCARE: Internship opportunities in various fields depending on location: medicine, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, therapy
  • LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS: International law, Internship opportunities for law students and for human rights students
  • JOURNALISM: Print journalism internship, Broadcast internship, Journalism projects

The Projects Abroad Difference

Why choose this program versus other ones? There are many great reasons, but three stand out: Experience, Accommodation and The Extra Mile.


Projects Abroad was created in 1992, and since then, people have come back for subsequent journeys or to join the staff. This means there is a strong foundation of like-minded people who are working hard toward the same overall goal. You will be working with experts in their field and gaining skills to become an expert yourself.


Projects Abroad screens all host families to ensure the location and the family are of the utmost quality in security, comfort and friendliness. There are regular check-ups and screenings to guarantee that you will be living a modest but comfortable lifestyle. Quality home-cooked meals are a definite part of this!

The Extra Mile

Projects Abroad aims to be your champion, whether you need help to write a grant letter, or if you are feeling homesick, or even if you just need someone to travel with until you are comfortable going on your own, a member on staff will whole-heartedly go that extra mile.

[quote_center]Volunteering + Travelling = Perfect Learning Opportunity [/quote_center]

Ready To Go?

The Projects Abroad website is a comprehensive tool for everyone who is interested in applying. There are blogposts, webinars, and open house events to provide the most up-to-date and inclusive information possible for potential applicants.

For more information, visit and take a look around the website. If you feel more comfortable with one-on-one communication, there is also a live, online chat option to answer all of your questions. Life is a journey, embrace it!