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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the eclectic Annex area, there’s a unique type of restaurant that has captured the attention of foodies in the GTA. PoutineVille opened its doors this summer, and has since seen a steady flow of enthusiastic poutine-lovers come by every day.

From build-your-own poutines (“there are over 500 million combinations,” the waiter told us), to the massive “Heartattack” (a huge concoction of something around 5 lbs. of fries and 10 lbs. of toppings: ground beef, bacon, smoked ham, chicken, hotdogs, colourful veggies, lots of cheese and covered in gravy!), there is definitely an option here for everyone.

Poutine-Event-5872Kosta Kariotakis, the owner of PoutineVille, explained that even vegetarians and people who prefer gluten-free foods can be satisfied. He listed off the types of fries, different types of gravy and all the toppings that would work for meat-free combinations. You can also choose to eat other dishes there, like salads, cheese sticks and deep-fried pickles; PoutineVille has a colourful and very tasty menu!

When asked where the idea for PoutineVille came from, Kosta described his childhood and how his mother would cook, and how yesterday’s dinner would become tomorrow’s poutine. ‘“Come to Kosta’s house for poutine!’ My friends would shout this out at the end of the day,” he laughed at the fond memory and added that the idea grew from there. Now he is very happy to be able to share this with everyone too.

After three previous branches have been opened, PoutineVille is here in Toronto and Kosta is ecstatic. “People in Toronto love poutine! People of every race and ethnicity, professionals down the street, students after school, parents and grandparents – everyone will come in to enjoy and share experiences while eating our poutine. I’m looking forward to seeing PoutineVille grow!”

The dining experience is fun and hip; there are TVs with music videos playing Top 40s and there is even a patio for those who prefer to dine outdoors. The service is fast but still makes everyone feel like a VIP. This includes a hearty welcome, knowledgeable staff, and an excellent selection of fine wines as well as a fully-stocked bar. If you are are craving a snack, definitely come by PoutineVille to experience how the phrase “sharing is caring” really rings true.