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In the figure skating world, Nam Nguyen stands as the deserving Crown Prince, next in line for the title “King of Canadian Figure Skating.” On the ice, he is fearless and focused, but outside, this 16 year-old Torontonian is warm, well-mannered and tremendously well-received by the Vietnamese community.

Like virtually every Canadian boy, Nam got his start on the ice playing hockey, but his parents made him take extra skating lessons to improve his figure skating skills and he has not looked back since. This confident young champion believes his performance skills are the thing that sets him apart from the rest. He enjoys connecting with the audience when he competes because he believes: “It’s more fun to do that than pressuring myself.” He confesses that sometimes he gets a little nervous right before a competition, but always looks forward to the announcement signifying his turn on the ice. When asked about what goes through his mind after an unsuccessful jump, he sincerely shares: “A lot of things… which leads to panic,” then immediately focuses on the positive, “but I get very excited when I complete a jump successfully.”

Though he seems to have all the technical skills figured out, Nam displays   uncertainty hidden behind a shy smile when being inquired about the qualities he’d look for in a dream girl. “I guess… a nice girl, someone who can understand my hectic schedule, pretty and fun to talk to, and if she speaks Vietnamese, it’s an added bonus, I guess!”

Nam knows his parents have sacrificed so much to support him, and that he would not be able to achieve all he did and will without their love and care. He talks about his family with a warm glow of pride, “My mom always tells me to keep warm and my dad always reminds me to put family first.”

A prolific winner of many prestigious titles (gold medal at the World Junior Championships in 2014, three consecutive Canadian men’s titles…) and although 2015 has just begun, Nam has already added his first senior Canadian national title to the long list of winning in January, and a fifth place at the world figure skating championships in Shanghai in March.

Nam is currently training 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, and has his eyes set on the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang and he knows that all of Canada and its Vietnamese communities across every province will be cheering him on.