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Directed by Quang Dung Nguyen

Inspired by the original theatrical version, the film recounts a story of descendants of Vietnam living in a distant land. The central figure is a middle aged man in a foreign country, who despite having his family with him, feels a sense of loneliness that stems from discrepancies in lifestyle, cultural clashes and his unbearable longing for his homeland. Hello Vietnam is based on a 1990s theatrical hit in that moved many in the audience to tears. Starring   Hoai Linh, Chi Tai and many other established stars including Ngoc Hiep, Thanh Hoang, Thanh Thuy, Dinh Hieu, Will (former member of 365 band), Thanh My, and Trong Khang.


LÔ TÔ (2017)

Directed by Anh Tuan Huynh

Inspired by the documentary The Last Journey of Ms. Phung, Lô Tô is centered on the wandering life of street singer Le Lieu and her performance troupe. Le Lieu is in fact a man named Duc. Duc  grows up with expectations, like many other guys, of marrying a woman and having children. However, he discovers his real sexual identity when he slyly puts on dresses and wears lipstick. One day Duc runs away from his home to live true to himself by joining a singing, lottery-number calling troupe. The film sheds light on people who sing in fairs every night, where tears and laughter of Le Lieu, and other characters including Le Phi Phi, Le Sa Sa, and Le Tu Nhan clash together. The film stars Huu Chau, Minh Dung, Huynh Lap, and Hai Trieu.



Directed by Linh Nhat Gia Phan

Adapted from the famous namesake novella by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh, The Girl from Yesterday recounts fond memories of school years with all their innocence and purity. There is even the lovely confusion in the wake of first love. The story is hinged on the childhood days of beautiful Viet An, her close friend Thu, and Tieu Li. The story reminds the audience of heart-skipping moments of young love and silly, childish philosophies such as “Girls grow smarter through the years, boys grow dumber.” The film is directed by Linh Nhat Gia Phan, director of Vietnamese blockbuster Sweet 20 (2015) and features a stellar cast including Miu Le, Ngo Kien Huy and Jun (365).