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An innovative concept and brilliantly simplistic designs have been the trademark for Mobiado’s success. While they create a few different high-end products, the main attraction is their luxury phones that have become quite the sensation in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. A praiseworthy feat considering that this company is based out of Vancouver, Canada. What makes these phones so special?

At first glance, the buttons are what will attract you. Round and shiny, these stainless steel circles resemble little jewels on the phone. Next would be what the phone’s body is made of. One type of phone, the Grand Touch, is the first phone to be made from a stone hybrid and uses a SIM card mechanism. Another line, like the Classic 712 GCB is completely plated in gold. Once you are done admiring its beauty and turn on the phone, you will be pleased to discover that great things do come in small packages. Even though they are all substantially smaller phones, the quality of the specs stays true to the Mobiado brand.

The two latest models in the Professional Line, 3 AF and 3 DC, raise the bar on this standard to an even higher level. The 3 AF boasts sapphire crystal plates that have been inserted into the aluminum body using Computer Numerical Control (CNC), a revolutionized mechanical process used on Mobiado phones that ensures the utmost precision. CNC is the same process used to make airplanes.

If you are looking for something even more exclusive and unique, the two models of 3 DC will definitely satisfy your desire. Created as an interpretation of famous artworks, each phone’s body has been hand painted, and then a miniature replica of that painting is reproduced under its sapphire plate. Each of these products has an average retail price of $1,600.

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