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By: Trà My

Dang Thu Thao (born 1991) won the Miss Vietnam title in 2012. Because of her breathtaking beauty and well-proportioned body, Dang Thu Thao is adored by her fans, who gave her a number of nicknames including “Miss of all Misses” and “the National Beauty of Vietnam”. Characterized by her delicate and ethereal beauty, Dang Thu Thao is dubbed “the Fairy Sister”. Whenever new photos of her are published, Dang Thu Thao never fails to captivate viewers with her “pure and immaculate” charm.

Four years after winning, Miss Vietnam 2012 Dang Thu Thao still retains her exemplary image without active participation in showbiz activities, and yet draws many gazes whenever she appears. Contrary to other pageant winners and runners-up, she has not devoted herself to acting or show-hosting. Instead, she mainly focuses on attending charities and events. Dang Thu Thao’s popularity is in large part due to her refined, elegant and feminine sense of style. Seldom will she be seen in any gaudy color. Regardless of where she is, Thao always favors neutral, pastel colors. For two years in a row she was chosen as the ambassador of Elise fashion house, a popular fashion brand in Vietnam.

Thu Thao says that she admires all the artists and colleagues working in showbiz, but she finds herself nowhere near as talented or with any interest in the industry. Hence, she has no plans to step deeper into it. The beauty also expressed her joy in graduating from college soon and her dream of becoming a successful businesswoman. Thu Thao is busy preparing for her business endeavors in the future.

She considers being chosen as a brand ambassador an opportunity to inspire young people to build their own positive self-image, which has a huge impact on the lifestyle and career of modern citizens, particularly young girls. No matter how busy she is, Thu Thao always spares some time for her family and loved ones. She further advises that to realize any dreams, young girls should also maintain good health through frequent physical exercises and adopt a healthy diet to keep themselves mindful and bright.

For Thu Thao, success is not how much money you make, but how many people you’ve positively influenced. Happiness is empathy and genuine care from your loved ones.