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The acronym laser stands for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.’ A ray of white light consists of seven different colors but there is only one in a laser. A laser emits a light with a high-energy wavelength. This light can go far and can burn materials in its way if intense enough. Laser therapy is used not only in medicine (diagnosis, treatment and in cosmetology) but also in many other sectors of our daily life such as welding, communication and astronomy.

Laser therapy in medicine

Early laser therapy was used to heal injuries of the retina and the cornea. Now it is used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and other eye problems. The two main methods being used are PRK and LASIK.

PRK, LASIK – PRK is Photorefractive Keratectomy. LASIK is Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. These methods are used in eye surgery to correct eye impairments and reduce dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

PRK is used to reshape the cornea in cases of mild and moderate myopia. Recovery time can be long and there might be side effects.

LASIK is becoming more popular and there are fewer side effects. Up to 95-98 per cent of patients are satisfied with this method. Before making a decision about surgery, consult your doctor, especially if you have additional eye problems.

Laser therapy is also used to remove kidney stones. Instead of surgery to take out a big stone, patients are put into a tub of water and a laser beam fragments the stone. This method is called a lithotripsy procedure.

Laser therapy can also help heal vascular damage of organs in some types of cancer. With prostate cancer, it can help kill the cancer cells.

Lasers in cosmetology

Laser therapy is often used for skin problems such as burns, freckles, tattoo removal, acne, winkles or even rejuvenation. To rejuvenate skin, a laser beam is shot onto the skin’s surface, destroying the outer cells. The cells below contain more water, so after the treatment the skin appears moist and tight.

Cold laser technology reduces belly, thigh, and chin fat or eye puffiness. A cold laser beam is shot at a particular area, freezing the cells and the fat is then removed. This treatment is quick and fees start at around $2,000. Lasting results depend on a person’s diet and daily fitness routine.

People who have a waist circumference of 36 inches should first consider assessing their diet and exercise regimen. Men who say, “Oh, my pant size is only 34 not 36, there is no need to worry,” beware. You usually wear your pants under your belly a little so your waist might really be 36. A piece of advice, don’t eat anything after 11 p.m. Why? You may pick high calories foods such as ice cream, chocolate, and deep fried items rather than healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

If your belly size is 36 inches you may have heath problems, even when your glucose and cholesterol index are at the normal levels. Avoid this with regular exercise and a proper diet. If possible, keep your waist size 32 inches.

What to consider with laser cosmetology

Not everyone is a candidate for laser cosmetology due to skin conditions as well as current heath status. Generally, people with lighter skin have better results from laser therapy than those with a darker complexion.

There are many types of lasers including ablative lasers, non-ablative lasers, and non-lasers (a treatment using a light-base). Each skin problem requires a certain type of laser. One machine will not do everything.

The machine using the latest technology is called PICO and causes the least side effects. Because of its high cost, you will not find it in a lot of beauty salons.

Choosing the right cosmetic treatment centre is important. Those managed by specialists are more expensive but safer and more effective. Think carefully before making your decision.

If a center possesses only one or two machines but it offers many services, think twice about going there. For example, a laser machine that specializes in removing tattoos cannot reduce belly fat. If a centre owns four specialized machines, it is quite likely a good place for you to start your beautifying process.

Wherever you decide to go, consult your doctor first.
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Dr. Khoi Nguyen

Dr. Khoi holds a Science Degree from the University of Toronto and received his medical degree in 1988. He is currently seeing patients at his private family medicine practice. In 2010, he received the Canada’s Citizenship Award for his numerous contributions to the community.

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