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Welcome to the beautiful, ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam. Immersed between the magnificent South Vietnam Sea and the mesmerizing Thu Bon River, Hoi An is a step back in time with peddled cyclos offering rides around the picturesque lantern lit streets. Hoi An is a truly hypnotic place where you can lose yourself amongst tantalizing food stalls that line the streets or watch boat rowers don their conical shaped hats and showcase their beloved town to visitors.

Tourists flock here for the old-world charm, and are welcomed by the distinct aromas and flavours of Central Vietnam. One restaurateur, Chef Tran Thanh Duc offers something truly unique at his three eclectic restaurants.

Staying true to his Vietnamese roots, Chef Duc provides a modern twist to traditional dishes using only locally sourced produce and ingredients. The dishes sound as wild as they taste. From his most prominent restaurant Mango Mango, he delivers delicacies such as Magnum Opus (seared yellowtail with mango salsa) and Flying Duck (crispy duck breast in five spices with chocolate passion sauce).

At Mango Rooms, his first restaurant, one of his most famous dishes is Exotic Dance, ginger and garlic marinated prawns wrapped in beef. His third restaurant, Mai Fish (named after his first daughter) is the place to go for seafood lovers, with dishes such as Seafood Salad, a seafood assortment of steamed prawn and squid mixed with onion, pineapple and Vietnamese celery.  His eateries are world-renowned and the love that is injected into his food is tangible not only in the dishes but in the restaurants themselves.