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Lucy wanted to make sure that her parent’s journey to another country to give her and her siblings the freedom and opportunity to find stable jobs would not be taken for granted. She also knew that she wanted a job where her financial stability did not depend on another person or a business.

LUCY NGUYỄN Doanh Nhân, Nghệ sĩ Trang Điểm Quốc Tế
Doanh Nhân, Nghệ sĩ Trang Điểm Quốc Tế

For over 10 years, she has been pursuing her love and passion for make-up and beauty as a part-time career. She has done makeup for beauty pageant contestants, and she also conducts useful workshops where she gives tips and tricks, and shows other women how to enhance their natural beauty with makeup.

Lucy’s tips for success include: surrounding yourself with a supportive network of people from family to friends that share the same vision as you. Also, sacrifice but don’t jeopardize; work hard but don’t give up what’s important, family and friends. For makeup tips, follow Lucy @_La_Glam.