“Rather than look at one destination, this season I decided to look at travelling the world,” says Kim Jones, the Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton. “Now the world traveller picks things up wherever he goes and makes them his own. In this collection we are using many ideas and techniques from South East Asia, from Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. At the same time, we wanted to look at how those styles share so much globally; say how the traditional dress of the Lahu tribe in Thailand looks so much like contemporary sportswear. Fashion is a language that reflects different cultures and tribes globally from New York, Tokyo, Bangkok and Paris – and Louis Vuitton is really a part of that.”

This season, the Louis Vuitton Men’s collection is a celebration of the similarities in global style rather than its differences. Both transposing and transforming traditional and contemporary dress codes from Thailand’s Lahu tribe to America’s Ivy League, the Louis Vuitton collection playfully stakes its place as part of that pantheon, of the global language of fashion.