By Bao Ngoc

Vietnam has been endowed with numerous  magnificent natural scenes that tourists can  freely explore. Go and savor the breathtaking charm bestowed upon us by Mother Nature.

If you are fond of the wintry chill or simply curious about snowfall and crave a genuine trekking challenge, the route to Mau Son Mountain (Lang Son) is a wonderful option. The area has an elevation of 800m to 1000m and is reknown for its peculiar climate – one of the coldest in Vietnam in winter. Often the temperature drops below zero. The magic happens when frost roars and snow falls. This glittering white mantle is the most enticing gift that Mau Son has to offer.

The frosty season usually starts in late December or January and is followed by incessant and unbearably piercing drizzle. Mau Son becomes blanketed in mystic European snowy white. As the land freezes, many want to retreat, shivering, to their cocoons. Old villas are the only indomitable objects in sight face the chills with vigor. They stand alone under the sky, the clouds and the frost. As the otherworldly picture grows more visible, fluffy and billowing clouds swirl over undulating mountains. The white veil of snow enshrouds every plant and clogs narrow lanes and dilapidated thatch huts. Bare branches of pine, spruce, myrtles and bluebottles bloom with sparkles and snowflakes.

Inhabitants put up with the frost as it is a natural part of their life. They embrace the wintry temperatures as a fact of life. Each hamlet and trekking lane in Mau Son is inevitably wrapped in piercing winds that dictate their life pace. The locals here, Dao people, have to keep their hearth aglow to thaw the chill.

For thos on meandering treks to Mau Son, it is a different story. Their zelaous hearts crave to grace the peak and its delightful natural phenomena fuels their enthusiasm for the frosty charm of Mau Son. They warm up the harsh winter here, and transform the season into a wonderful journey.

Travelling to Mau Son in winter, you should treat yourselves to specialties, including Shan tea, six heel chicken, roasted pig, Mau Son liquor or the herbal bathing service of native Dao people. Mating songs, the horn dance, performances of traditional martial arts and the coming-of-age ceremony of Dao people fascinate curious foreign visitors in this mountainous wonderland.

Don’t hesitate to add this destination to your bucket list and bear in mind that winter is one of the best, most magical and marvelous times of a year to set up a travelling plan. Make it come true with your closest comrades.