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Dark rooms with insufficient windows and ventilation can be gloomy. Skylights are a great solution, providing easy access to natural light and fresh air.
Thanks to advanced technology and modern construction materials, skylights are now a part of modern building design, from factories to residential homes. They are especially useful in small townhouses or terraced villas that have limited exterior wall space.
Skylights fall into three main categories: fixed, ventilating and tube shaped.
Fixed skylights are mainly used in attics, lofts or above staircases. They are usually square, rectangular or triangular in shape, depending on the surrounding space. Complimenting the interior design, skylights can turn an unappealing attic into a bright and inviting space in your house.
Ventilating skylights enable an exchange of air flow from inside to outside. Sometimes referred to as loft windows, they are frequently featured in kitchens and bathrooms and are operated by hand or automatic thermo sensors.
Tube-shaped skylights are a little different. Due to their shape, light is amplified so although they are smaller, they provide optimal diffusion and are suitable for difficult-to-access areas such as corridors.
The type of skylight you chose depends on the function it will serve and the space to be illuminated.

Skylights can be made of light absorbing sheets (used mostly in commercial buildings), as well as clear or colored plexi-glass. They can be sealed or opened and closed depending on the need for ventilation. Curtains of bamboo or cloth can moderate the light’s intensity, reducing heat on hot and humid days. Produced to be lightproof, radiation and heat resistant, many purpose-made curtains filter rather than block daytime light. Since skylights are often ceiling level, the curtains can be adjusted either by hand, electronic remote or smart home system.
Skylights play an important role in making rooms more inviting and useable. Storage areas can become living spaces, dark hallways can become bright, kitchen and bathrooms can sparkle.
Need a little sunshine in your life? Install a skylight.