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The key theme of the latest collection by designer Ha Linh Thu was inspired by the virgin dawning sunshine in an early morning in Hanoi. Unlike the passionate sun of the South, spring in Hanoi is romantic with sprinkling peach blossoms in chilly cold and gentle blushed face of fashion muses under the bleak winter sky of Hanoi. Nature brings people together and peach blossoms are indeed a perfect catalyst to make kisses bloom in this springtime. Love in the spring is graceful, divine and frail like peach blossoms through winter breezes.

The mirage is clearly illustrated through a mix of bold colors and the pink tone of peach blossoms and even adept manual patterns on ready-to-wear designs. The designer wished to blend luxury materials of velvet, taffeta and transparent organza to accentuate the spellbinding charm of each gown and highlight the personal tastes of fairylike fashion muses.

This collection put strong focus on elegant and daring cuts. Each design by Ha Linh Thu in the collection is a clue of imaginations: dreams of love, integrity, peach blossoms and eternal happiness of mankind.