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According to Canadian Business magazine, these are Canada’s most innovative companies, ranging from retail to medicine to robotics.


The allure of teaching platforms was mostly for professors; the ease of sending out tests, and grading all at their fingertips. D2L takes it to a whole different level, combining the magic of data and analytics to create their platform called “Brightspace” which can predict a user’s letter grade!


Affordable and energy-efficient lighting comes in the form of Lumenpulse’s LED products. With approximately 15 new items for each of the past 3 years, they have had revenue that increased by 70% every year, as well as holding 25 patents and have 51 other ones pending.


President’s Choice brand is known everywhere – this is due to the strategic marketing and innovative concepts that have been developed over the years. Loblaw keeps itself relevant by being on top of consumer trends, and investing in making sure its vision comes true.


Medical marijuana now comes with a personality. Tweed sounds close to what people would refer to it on the street; definitely a clever play on the name for marketing sake.


Some of the newest extraction methods for oil sands miners come from Calgary-based Suncor. For example, they are looking into heating the hydrocarbon in the oil sands’ bitumen layer with radio waves prior to removal.


Water is necessary for survival, and clean drinking water is what Saltworks’ purification rigs are used for – on a massive scale: their rigs are the size of shipping containers! Many large companies are using Saltworks as their water resource.


There are smart cars, smart phones, and smart TVs – now there is Valour: the smart bicycle. Its handlebars vibrate to alert of incoming blind spot dangers.


Not all companies can successfully transition from the virtual marketplace to real-life shops; Frank & Oak have. They incorporated a barbershop and photography exhibits in two of their locations to entice clientele.


Ever wanted to get something from Craigslist or Kijiji but hesitated because of the lower level of trust and security? VarageSale is organized by neighbourhood; members need to be approved by an administrator and they must use their real names.


Storage space can really cut into profits for large retailers who prefer stocking their warehouses in hopes that customers will purchase. BuildDirect uses a proprietary algorithm that forecasts customer need; they operate with just a portion of warehouse space which translates to huge markdowns in prices.


Marketing can make or break businesses, so the ability to receive real-time feedback and insight from customers through a cloud-based platform can really move a company forward. Vision Critical was ahead of the trend and jumped on the opportunity to be a source of innovation in the field.


Autonomous robots can be found outside of the movies: The Clearpath Robots have autopilot software that lets them navigate things, such as oilsands tailings ponds, more or less unmanned.


Think: Instagram, mixed with teaching, and distributed in a global network of health care professionals. Figure 1 has 150,000 people connected over 45 countries; this is phenomenal given that just years before, this was a disconnected territory.


Entrepreneurs, who have no experience setting up their virtual stores, can look to Shopify for a successful site launch. The company (through a personalized “guru” for each client) takes care of the online sales, ensuring all the hard stuff – like design and payment systems – is handled.


Efficiency translates into money; Hootsuite delivers by combining multiple social media accounts into one dashboard. This powerful tool has grown so popular that Hootsuite is planning to move into the advertising business for small to mid-sized companies as well.