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According to the ancient Chinese philosophical system that determines harmony, “feng” means air flow and “shui” means water. The belief is that these factors have a great impact on human life. Good feng shui makes people feel happy and healthy while bad feng shui creates the opposite effect.

Feng shui studies the surroundings, directions, and environmental improvements needed to maximize benefits and minimize mishaps for humans. In accordance with the saying “To live is to follow heaven and Earth, but to be against it means perdition,” feng shui helps people live a better life in harmony with nature.

There are many types of air or “qi.” The air from heaven such as wind, clouds, and storms, is unchangeable. Qi from Earth includes energy fields and radiation. Then there is “human qi” which is known as “idiosyncrasy.” Qi is extremely complex, is described as a source of energy and can shift shape and transform into various substances..

Scientists have proven that our living environment impacts our lives. Many modern studies have shown that water, air, and especially the electric and magnetic fields of the Earth can affect human health and cause diseases that can be passed on to future generations. Determining a favorable living environment is essential so advanced scientific methods and traditional feng shui have many similarities.

How does the magnetic field of the house give us wealth and health, and ensure the value and dignity of our lives? Whether you are home or abroad, “creating synergy” for your house is a focal point in the 21st century.

Additionally, scientists have demonstrated that the body produces a thermal field, magnetic field, and electric field, constituting a sensitive creature. This creature produces a corresponding wave spectrum, known as the “biological wave.”

When the owners move in, a good house will interact with the body energy, as well as the frequency of reflected waves with biological waves. It then effectively absorbs the broad spectrum, supporting health improvement.

In a problematic house, after the owners move in, because the energy of the eight directions is ruined, the house cannot receive or effectively absorb the body’s energy, nor can the frequency of reflected waves with biological waves. After three years it will impact the owner’s wealth and health.

The Chinese emphasize vitality, known as the energy required for the body’s needs, which consist of qi (energy) and blood (the body’s blood). According to oriental medicine, the human body remains alive by naturally absorbing heaven and Earth’s yang (through breathing) and yin (nutritious diet to nurture blood), and they are inseparable. When air is in the lungs and food in the stomach, our blood circulates and carries oxygen and nutrients that feed cells and discharge residues. If the circulation  does not function normally, it will negatively affect the body.

Feng shui can affect many aspects of life. This article discusses the effect it has on  our health, particularly our sleep.

Good feng shui in the bedroom can create energy and nurture senses. To achieve this, you can apply many simple and practical feng shui secrets:

  1. Start by removing all equipment such as a TV, computer, or fitness machine from the bedroom. This will help bringing feng shui energy in and remove phobias hindering your sleep.
  2. Regularly open windows or use air purifiers to make sure the air is always fresh and full of oxygen. It is impossible stay healthy by continuously inhaling stale air. A room where the air flow is stagnant will not have good feng shui.
  3. Keep all the doors closed at night. This will help maintain the best source of energy and nutrition for health enhancement, as well as your relationship.

What is the best direction of the bed?

According to Ayurvedic medicine, you must avoid sleeping with your head pointing north. The north is ‘yang’, a water element  associated with cold. Your head is a convergence of your spirit and if it  points north, the negative cold air will damage the yang in your body. When investigating encephalitis at a hospital in the city of Wuhan (China), the medical researchers detected that people who turned to the north when sleeping are more at risk than those who slept in other directions.

In terms of geography, when the Earth rotates, it generates geomagnetic force (the force of gravity), and usually comes from the north. When putting a compass in any position, the  arrow always points north due to the pull of Earth’s magnetic force. The body always has power (bio field) flowing. During sleep, the body emits energy in the form of an energy field. For example, if you sleep with your head turning north, power flows from the north geomagnetic force will move. When it meets the energy radiation emitted in the body, if the flow of forces is stronger than the geomagnetic body wave radiation, the Earth’s magnetic force will be blocked, causing pressure on the chest and body. Eventually the person will feel suffocated, as if someone has fallen on their chest. Even turning to the right or left, there is still pressure from the forces of geomagnetic fields, and sleeplessness will occur. If the person turns their head in other directions, moving geomagnetic forces will not meet the body waves and he or she will fall asleep more easily. In some hospitals in France, many patients complained that it was  difficult to sleep when the of beds in hospital were in one direction. When the bed was turned in another direction, they found it easier to sleep.

There are two ways to figure out if your bed is pointing north.

  1. Place a compass on the bed. Wherever the needle points is north.
  2. Turn a radio on in the FM mode. If the radio is facing north, it will suffer from wave interference, disturbance, and altered sound.

There are many things that can be explained by modern science and technology. There are also things that stay mysterious. The knowledge passed on by ancient people is still valuable and worth respecting.