Sometimes I think back to the day that my husband, Christopher, and I decided to begin homeschooling our two children, Tristan and Brooklyn.  We were both self-employed at the time for 4 years each running our own businesses.  We had a wonderful care-giver for our two children during the first two years of Brooklyn’s life and were in the process of deciding if we were going to put Brooklyn into pre-school care as well.

It was a beautiful spring day, I had volunteered for Tristan’s Montessori class trip to Reptilia.  This was one of the many trips taken by the school. The trips cost an additional $100 or so per month and often more, since both Chris and I were always intent on attending with Tristan and being acting parent volunteers. As we were lining up to leave the class, Tristan began reading the sign on the wall “Exit, walk do not run”.  I wasn’t aware that the other children were only reading the letters E-X-I-T, I barely noticed that they were not reading.  It wasn’t until a mother approached me and said.  “You do realize that your son is the only child who can read in his class, right?”  I blinked a few times to hear what she was saying. No! I didn’t know that!  Furthermore, Tristan had been reading since he just turned 3!
Christopher and I began looking at alternatives. With another kid entering the pre-school or private school realm, it would cost us another $1500 or so a month, not including additional trips, uniforms and school supplies.  OK, I know what you are going to say. Homeschooling?
Let’s get all the taboos, mystery and negativity out of the way now so you can decide for yourself if homeschooling is the best way for your children.

I could never do that, I’m not a trained teacher.
No one could ever be a better teacher to your child than you.  If you don’t believe this, maybe you should be asking yourself why?  One friend of mine decided to homeschool when she found out that a “strange man” was the supply teacher for her 4 year old. Do we really know who is educating our children? Making a decision to be our children’s primary educator was a huge one for my husband and I, but it has also been an incredible blessing.  We are a loving family and homeschooling is a part of that.

I don’t have time to stay home to do it.
You can work within your own time, or take turns the way Chris and I did.  I stayed home for the first few years with our boys, and now it is his turn. It also creates a different environment for the kids to learn in. I typically handle arts, social studies, media and Chris is responsible for physical education and athletics. We both look after business and personal development.

Our kid is going to be a nerd and will have terrible social skills.
This is probably the biggest myth we encounter. The funny thing is, because we do not limit our children to a classroom, they are amazingly grounded and easily speak to any age.

It will cost too much.
We were surprised at how much more affordable it is to homeschool.  After spending a ton at Scholar’s Choice, we realized that valuable curriculum was everywhere…some was even free. Some great places to look are and or email me at

Michelle Bacani-Lim, Tutor of Miki Grace Coaching