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Her name is connected to many hot projects right now, but Google the name “Hồ Ngọc Hà” any time of the year and myriad results relating to her work, private life, and a few unfortunate scandals will pop up. This superstar’s bold mind always seems to be working on strategies to make the media and her fans “go wild.”
Choosing Ho Ngoc Ha for this issue’s cover, Culture  honors the talent and work ethic of this special  Vietnamese model, pop singer, actress and entertainer. What is her unstoppable appeal? The answer is simple. Ho Ngoc Ha’s has an A-list celebrity’s great sense of high-end fashion.

This statement is not meant to deny other strengths of this multi-talented pop star. Once considered by some people to be “a singer-wannabe model,” her powerful live performances have proved them wrong. She is also a skilled improviser and has entertained millions of viewers while acting as an MC and judge of reality TV shows. Her boldness has been tested as she’s weathered many scandalous storms and yet, throughout it all, she has remained the queen of V-pop.

During the last 10 years of her career, what people remember most about Ho Ngoc Ha is her style. In commercials, public appearances, music videos, live performances, newspapers or on Facebook, she is splendidly trendy or sophisticatedly simple. Ha is a trendsetter and her personal aesthetic reaches international standards. Her sophisticated fashion sense has received compliments in the foreign press. Whether Vietnamese audiences like Ha or not, they cannot deny being attracted to her costumes and charisma. It is a pity that Ha has not appeared much in the international sphere. If she had, Ha would be on the VIP list of top fashion events, garnering more foreign media attention. She knows how to express herself through her appearance, something that many Vietnamese artists do not do.

Ha is known for collaborating with numerous designers, from those who are already famous to young up-and-comers. Creating a diverse style profile is more than a hobby for her. She is constantly experimenting and transforming her look.

What prompts Ha’s relentless image changes? She is ambitious and wants to be a leading entertainer. Her standards have developed from observing other top performers at music events around the world. Every fashionista believes in the saying “You are what you wear.” Ho Ngoc Ha and her team never allow easiness in her fashion and self-image. As she says, “To be one of the stars, you have to dare to become one.” This motto is the inspiration for Ha’s activities, which the press has unfairly called the “usual perfectionism of the showbiz world.” Far from being “usual,” she has stuck to a thorough and detailed plan.

Ha’s strategies are successful. When she released her new music project she stated, “Occasionally, I must do something that makes me feel satisfied.” The younger generation welcomes her visuals which help to propel her catchy tunes. Trendsetters eagerly follow this single-mom and call her a “real player.” Social media explodes with comments about her dress or new hair style each time she appears on national television. Annually, Ha’s name appears on online fashion magazines’ “Best Dressed” lists. Her long-time affinity for fashion never seems to betray her.

When fans have a chance to meet their idol in real life, they are mesmerized by her professional behavior and friendly attitude. Recently, Ha’s private life has been getting a lot of negative attention. Despite that, her detractors still have to admit she has a gift for personalizing casual outfits with sophisticated style.

Ho Ngoc Ha has achieved what she set out to do, carve out a unique spot in the hearts of fans and claim a place in the cutthroat showbiz world. When people talk about Ho Ngoc Ha, they call her a style icon, a person who can renew herself, never deviating from her standards of luxury and elegance.

The pressure of her career seems to be her life blood. It fuels her energy to rock the final stage of X-Factor 2016 with her latest EDM-themed song “Keep Me in Love.” The program promises to clearly portray Ho Ngoc Ha and prove she has no rival. Go first, go fast, and go straight. It is no surprise that Ha continues to be successful. In the future, her career will surely reach a whole new level.