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For Asians, fall is associated with the mid-autumn festival. On the night of the full moon, enjoying a cup of chamomile tea is a joy for people who prefer a quiet, dreamy scene. Chamomile tea has many health benefits, yet many are little known.

Chamomile used for making tea is white or yellow. It is picked in the fall when the flowers are not yet in full bloom and stored in a cold, moisture-free place until dried. You put four or five flowers into teapot, cover with boiling water, steep for three or four minutes and then the tea is ready to serve.

The main substances in chamomile are volatile flavonoid oils. The oils contain anti-spasm and and anti-inflammatory properties, encourage muscle relaxation and adjust gastrointestinal contractions. They are especially effective in reducing tissue inflammation, and are antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-allergenic.

Helps reduce anxiety

According to the New Kerala news channel, studies by United States scientists showed that drinking chamomile tea can help decrease generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The team divided the GAD patients into two groups – chamomile tea and placebo. The chamomile tea group had a significant reduction in GAD symptoms compared with the other group. “Chamomile tea has anti-panic properties that take effect on patients with GAD,” said a scientist from the research team.

Chamomile tea’s soothing character helps relieve stress and anxiety when you are under pressure, because it acts like a natural sedative. It is also effective for insomnia and restlessness.

Eye fatigue

In ancient medical books, people claimed that chamomile helped improve eyesight. Pharmacokinetic studies recently found chamomile to have therapeutic effects on eye fatigue and poor eyesight. In addition to treating swollen eyes, drinking a cup of chamomile tea reduced fatigue and tiredness. The study noted that three to four cups daily could help restore vision.

When your eyes are tired or you suff from unclear vision, drinking chamomile tea can help the eyes return to a normal state. People who read a lot, especially small print, should drink chamomile tea. Students preparing for exams who drink coffee can substitute chamomile tea to improve their eyesight and minds.

Protecting eyes

A few Goji berries can be added to chamomile tea since both are traditional medicines for eye protection, especially for those who have a habit of studying and working at night. People who suffer from eye fatigue and dry eyes, will find frequent cups of chamomile tea help the eyes feel more comfortable.

Many people, due to work demands, exhaust their eyes, making them prone to disease, even inflammation of the eyeball. A safe and effective method to treat tired eyes is to make tea with six 12g chamomile flowers. Pluck the flowers from teapot and apply on the eyes to naturally restore vision and provide relief.


Hypertension can lead to blurry vision, headache and fatigued shoulders. According to Oriental medicine, this is because the liver is experiencing too much heat. Eliminating the heat can prevent blood pressure from rising too high. Oriental medicine lists chamomile as an herb that helps cool the liver. Chamomile tea, combined with regular tea leaves, produced a diuretic effect and improves the efficiency of hypertension treatments.

Reduce cold symptoms

Some studies suggest that wild chamomile has the ability to stimulate and support the immune system, but its most prominent effect is reducing cold symptoms rather than prevention. A glass of hot chamomile tea helps soothe discomfort caused by a cold.

Preventing muscle aches

Drinking five cups of tea for 15 days in a row triggers the elimination of toxic substances in the urine, helping the body avoid inflammation. A research team from the Imperial University in London tested the urine of 14 people who drank chamomile tea. The researchers tested the urine of the volunteers every day before and after drinking Roman chamomile tea. They found that the volunteers had increased glycine substances and disinfectants in their urine, which could possibly help alleviate muscle fatigue.

Help control diabetes

Researchers have found that drinking chamomile tea helps prevent the complications of diabetes and resists hyperglycemia. The researchers did experiments to analyze the effects of chamomile tea on mice with type 2 diabetes. These mice don’t have enough hormone insulin to regulate their blood sugar levels. The mice were fed a moderate amount of chamomile tea over three weeks. Results showed that their blood glucose levels had decreased by a quarter, compared to before drinking the tea.

Chronic headaches

Those suffering from persistent headaches should use the following remedies to eliminate inner heat and relax the head: 10g basil (fresh) or 6g if using dried; chamomile 16 g chamomile flowers (yellow preferred). Put in the tea pot, cover with 100ml boiling water, put lid on and leave for 10 minutes to steep. Drink warm, morning and afternoon. Drink for seven days and when the headache disappears, leave out the basil, just use chamomile flowers to make the tea.

Basil is mainly used to treat heatstroke and headaches are caused by heat. It has been used since ancient times.

Orange chamomile flowers, according to Oriental medicine, have an effect on the liver. It is believed that the liver is connected to other parts of the body, especially the eyes and head. Using medicine that adjusts the liver meridian can help reduce the disorder in those body parts.

The combination of basil and chamomile helps the body remain cool, eases headache, and improves eyesight. When drinking the tea, people can enjoy the fragrance, but also be soothed and refreshed.

For severe headaches that cause the face and eyes to turn red, and produce dry mouth and yellow urine, put 6 – 10g chamomile flowers in a cup, cover with boiling water, make tea and drink two-three times a day. Other herbs can be added to increase effectiveness.

Cure heatstroke

People with heatstroke should be quickly moved to a cool place to be effectively cured. Put 10g of chamomile flowers into a cup, pour boiling water over, make tea and drink.

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