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The perfect piece of jewelry or watch can be all about having the perfect jewel to set into it. Harry Winston’s ideology of shaping each design based on a gemstone’s individual characteristics; thus ensuring each piece sold will be a one-of-a-kind, luxury item that is unique to itself and of course, reflecting its owner’s class and elegance. From its beginnings in 1932, the Harry Winston brand has always been remarkable; this can be seen as a true testament by the constant inspirations its designers continue to derive from past experiences.

With collections in both areas of jewelry as well as timepieces, the company’s expertise in craftsmanship, in addition to creativity in design really strikes a chord for all of their beloved consumers. Ladies will be enamored with such pieces as the Twist bracelet: it has three different gem-cut styles that displays an organic pattern, and it is set with 171 diamonds and 42 rubies. For the classic gentleman, the Ocean collection boasts a balance of athleticism and inspiration in its elegant design. Just take a look at the Ocean Dual Time Black Edition for a sleek example. It contains black opaline, luminescent hands, numerals and indexes, and a sapphire crystal case-back.

Constantly in search of the rare and exquisite diamonds, the Harry Winston brand truly exemplifies dedication to the craft. Be part of a timeless legacy; owning a Harry Winston piece guarantees that you will be wearing a creation that was carefully crafted to enhance each specific jewel’s unique properties.