Interview with Leesa Berry, Klute Hair

What trends are you seeing these days?

At the moment, I am seeing a lot of candy colours. For haircuts, the long beachy textured looks that are in right now are perfect for Asian hair types.

For Asian hair, which tends to be straight and heavy, are there things you don’t advise?

It always depends on the hair type. For instance, Chinese hair tends to be very straight and coarse. Japanese hair can be very heavy but not particularly coarse. For each person there are very different concerns. I do see a lot of Asian clients that get “thinning” done to their hair. This can be problematic if not done correctly. The improper use of a razor or thinning shears can cause more damage than good. I believe a proper distribution of weight is needed to hold a hairstyle’s shape.

If there is damage, what do you advise?

Regular trims will help to keep split ends at bay. As well, in terms of conditioning, a good mix of protein and moisture is important. Too much protein can break the hair, and not enough moisture can let frizz take over and make the hair look dull.

Any colouring advice that would suit this type of hair?

The beauty of Asian hair is its strength. It can handle a lot. That doesn’t mean run out and buy a box of bleach! The one thing I see a lot are clients who want to go blonde or platinum in one shot. Asian hair has a very strong pigment and will always pull a lot of red. If you are trying to go in this direction, talk to your stylist about getting there slowly. Do it in stages with proper trims and treatments throughout.

Klute Hair is an independent studio located in Toronto’s Parkdale. Owner Leesa Berry cut and taught in top salons for more than 20 years before branching out on her own. Klute offers unisex cuts, colouring and styling ­– from modern street smart to timeless classics.

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